Brand New: A Biopic Of Afeni Shakur Is On The Way! “Peace, Love & Respect; the Afeni Shakur/Panther 21 story”

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The exciting news for Tupac supporters at the start of 2022 just continues to come at an extraordinary pace. After the opening of an exhibition, revealing artifacts of the life and art of Shakur, now the rapper’s fans are in for another treat. This one will be in the form of a biographic film, but not about Pac himself. Rather the light will be firmly aimed at none other than the legend’s great mother – Afeni Shakur. What’s even more exciting about the announcement is that the biopic will star a fantastic set of artists, guaranteeing a first-class production.

“Peace, Love & Respect; the Afeni Shakur/Panther 21 story”

The film will be titled “Peace, Love & Respect; the Afeni Shakur/Panther 21 story” and will feature Jasmine Guy and Jamal Joseph – both writers and directors, as the executive producers on the set. Dina LaPolt will be the producer and this is somewhat ironic as she had worked for years along with the Shakur estate on a number of cases. Now it seems like the Estate has finally given the green light for the making of such a film, which is also a historic moment in its own right.

This is quite an anticipated moment since LaPolt had actually worked together with Afeni in releasing 9 posthumous Shakur albums, as well as numerous books and even a documentary. Now, she gets the chance to put Afeni’s story on the big screen. As the producer admits, she’s well acquainted with the life and deeds of Pac’s great mother, since LaPolt’s own mother was close with Afeni. Dina recalls listening to many stories about Afeni and receiving lots of info firsthand. This includes Dina’s mother telling her about Afeni being arrested on the 2nd of April 1969, along with other members of the Black Panther activist movement.


The main storyline of the biopic will be centered around a crucial 2-year period in the life of Afeni – between the upper-mentioned day in April 1969 and June 16th, 1971 – the day when Tupac himself was born. LaPolt goes on the speak about the process against Afeni, during which she was already pregnant with Pac and decided to defend herself. Of course, being the strong and dazzling woman she is, Afeni would ultimately be acquitted from all charges.

The film will be revolutionary as well because of the fact that it’ll be the first production to reveal the operations behind the scene of the Panther 21 movement. This includes all of the work, which Afeni had done in terms of organizing free breakfast programs, medical facilities, as well as releasing information about access to education, etc.

It’ll also be a special opportunity for Jasmine Guy, who was the author of Afeni’s biography in 2005 and will now be one of the main stars behind the film production. We’re sure all Tupac lovers will be in eager anticipation of the film since it’ll also reveal some interesting stories about Shakur’s childhood years.

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michelle greenland
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