A Big Treat For 2023 – Unreleased 2Pac Tracks Are On The Way!

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2023 is already here and all fans of the legendary Tupac might be in for a very special surprise in the opening part of the year. The fallen rapper produced tons of exciting songs during his life, yet many of them were never actually released for the public to hear. Every now and then new unreleased mixes come out of the blue, which seems like a possibility again. The information was leaked by none other than the legendary producer and writer Damien Matthias, a.k.a E-Love.

During an episode of the “I Only Touch Greatness” podcast, E-Love spoke about the fact that DJ Battlecat has dozens of unreleased songs of 2Pac, mainly from his early days as a musician. This is no coincidence, seeing as both E-Love and DJ Battlecat were part of Shakur’s entourage at the time, helping him with the beats to a number of record-breaking hits. This was up until the legendary rapper decided on creating the infamous “All Eyez on Me” project.

During the podcast, Matthias recalled how he was getting phone calls on a daily basis from producer Dean Evans (Big D Impossible) when Pac was a relative rap novice. Damien admits that one day he simply decided on having a look at what all the fuss is about and discovered something that would blow his mind. The producer remembers thinking that Shakur was something “special”.

It was exactly Evans, who would go on to play a very pivotal role in Tupac’s early music, producing hits like “Brenda’s Got a Baby” and “If My Homie Calls”. Both were important parts of the legend’s debut album – 2Pacalypse Now. Later, Big D would also take part in the creation of eternal hits like “Changes” and “Ghetto Gospel”.

E-Love expects Shakur supporters to have the chance to hear at least 2-3 unreleased tracks, recorded together with the upper-mentioned DJ Battlecat. Matthias admits that Battlecat had done a lot more songs with Pac, claiming he himself only had the chance to record “2-3 tracks”.

Regardless of how many, it’s clear that 2023 is starting with some big news for Tupac lovers. We can only hope that even more unreleased Shakur music is on the way.

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