Snoop Dogg – Life Goes On

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Snoop Dogg – Life Goes On

Album: Tha Eastsidaz
Released: February 1, 2000
Label: Doggystyle Records, TVT Records


[Chorus Kokane (Snoop Dogg)]
Life Goes on (Life, Life, Life, Yeah)
Life Goes on (Life, Life)

[Snoop Dogg]
Lil Tone, Lil Loc Half Dead ken folk
Papa Loc, gun smoke, beer bottles & dope
Remines twist shit blaze it up and spit this real shit
For the homies that R.I.P
Don’t trip on crip we keep ya’ll alive
Meech dogg bigg Ernest, Fred dogg 3 times
Like bub Scarface, T-Loc 1 & 2
Big 40 mick dogg this ones for you
Sammy Parker we ain’t forgot about you O.G. cuzz
I’mma show these niggas how it’s supposed to be done
G-Bo gator, you know I ain’t no hater
I’mma holla at you later
Tic toc don’t stop big East slap rock
Remember Boot, Murf & Dale – I miss the homies a lot
D-O-Dubb you the realest nigga I feel it dogg
Man my love ones I miss yall (miss yall)

[Chorus: Kokane (Snoop Dogg)]
Life Goes on (Life, Life, Life)
Life Goes on (Life, Remember, Remember Ya’ll)
Remember tha G’z that were, here now there gone
Life goes on (Life, Life, Life)

[Snoop Dogg]
Pancake Lil man, Lil Tray & Jay dogg
God bless ya’ll souls and listem may ya’ll
Kids live a long life, live a strong life
Not the wrong life, let em live they own life
G’dub, Jeff hogin we keep it rollin
Pancho loc & my homeboy Nollan
Big blue from the rear block
You keep it real wit a nigga since the pop loc, you bought me soda pop
My nigga cartoon, Lil Noock & Pete Both from the north
We meet in 7th grade on the B-Ball court
Just like the homie Demon Loc
Damn too many of my homies got smoked
Before I lost 2Pac I lost my Grand Pa
Tha Raw dogg, I called him pa pa, aah naw
Not Reverend Harris too
Dear God, tell me what our church gone do

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[Snoop Dogg]
If you think that’s bad, well that ain’t all
I gotta give a couple of shouts out to my doggz
Eazy E
Roger Troutman & The Notorious, B.I.G
My Big Homeboy Mooch you know I love your moms to death
In Heaven she rest
H.D. – Mary was your pride & Joy
& Warren G ya’ll my Mutha Phukkkin homeboyz
He lost Ola Mae the same way
See I be lookin at yall, & wantin to touch my momma everyday
I don’t know what I’m goin through but I’m there for you
See on some real shit homie I care for you
Rough times, Rough Rhymes, Heart-ache
Man I ease the pane with a glass of bacarda
But how could I, & why should I
Cause on the real folks it’s hard to say good-bye (good-bye)


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