Snoop Dogg – Ride

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Snoop Dogg – Ride

Album: 7 Days Of Funk
Released: December 10, 2013
Label: Stones Throw Records


May the funk be with you, as we toast to the boogie

We should ride out, (smoking that doja)
Roll up, til we all come down (we gettin’ over)
Til its over, we gettin’ over
Til we all come down (smoking that doja, we gettin’ over)
We should ride out (ride, ride)
Roll up (lets roll, roll)
Til we all come down (we gettin’ over, over on top of ya)
Its over, we gettin’ over
Til we all come down (smoking on that doja, we gettin’ over)

[Verse 1: Kurupt]
Like what my nigga, I don’t give a fuck bout nothing my nigga
You talking bout, without a doubt
In an’ out, running out, with an half an ounce
I’m ready for you baby, come and meet me buy me a candy drippin’ old school 80 chevy
Ready, gotti, the biz setter said his name was betty, boom
She lost it when I went into the room, I scene’d, too much of a gangster scene
Then I hit her with the gangsta lean, doing it the way it supposed to be
We should ride…
Doing it the way it supposed to be


[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg]
Skip the long, rip the bone slow
Hoppin’ and hoppin’ in the boo 6’4
Rolling with a bad one, [?]
Behind the ten, president
My residents at your expense, are you a sharp, a new fish or a new jumbo shrimp
Pulling the case ain’t no chasin’ me, or replacin’ me, no lacin’ me
I hold up the whole broom, they can see
And the kush is the reason we dank it G’
And spanky beat, in my sack
Where doctor [?] put us right back on fact
Now we can smoke to that, I spoke to cat flat
Bout the other shit connected, uncle Jim’s army and we back here protected
The funk bang, never be the same, burning up kush

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