Snoop Agrees Death Row Records Was The Best And Worst Thing For Tupac

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Full Snoop Dogg interview
Fast forward to 17:14 to hear Snoop Dogg’s thoughts on Tupac’s influenced and being influenced when joining Death Row records.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club, aside from speaking about who was greater him or Tupac, Snoop gave his thoughts on whether Death Row was the best and worst thing to ever happen to Tupac Shakur.

Charlmagne asked Snoop about Tupac being on Death Row and whether it was good or bad for Pac. “Some people say that the best and worst thing to happen to Tupac was Death Row,” says Charlmagne.

“It was because the influence. He didn’t realize how much influence he had, but he was very influenced by. He could have been more of a leader and more of a influenced as oppose to being influenced,” says Snoop Dogg.

Many felt Tupac’s move to Death Row consumed his main focus and purpose in life. The purpose of leading and being that voice that was and is still needed.

“Like I say this all the time about athletes and entertainers, don’t make sense to join a gang after you’ve become successful. Don’t make sense to become active after you’ve become successful, cause it don’t add up. Look at the results of everybody who become active after they became successful. I don’t have to say their names, they’re either dead or in jail.”

Snoop feels there is a difference with those who started out active in the streets. The tend to think and move differently, such as himself who doesn’t have to walk around acting gangsta.

“The ones who were active before they started, why do they try not to be active when they get successful. Cause they understand the consequences to that. You don’t see me still trying to keep it gangsta, cause I know the consequences to that, but it’sin me. I just don’t walk to it like that everyday,” Snoop explains.

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