Kurt Kobane Goes Through The Final Hours of Pac’s Life

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Kurt Kobane goes through the final hours of Pac’s life

Curtis “Kurt Kobane” Couthon (Death Row Producer and Manager) went into detail about the peculiar incidents and scenes that occurred in the hours, previous to Tupac getting killed. Shakur’s ex-close friend went sat down on the “Art of Dialogue” Youtube channel and gave his views on how a trip to Vegas ended up very costly for Tupac.

Kobane started by explaining that Pac, him, The Outlawz, and others gathered in Suge Night’s house before taking up a trip to Vegas, even though everyone knew it was quite a risky endeavor. The first thing that really caught Pac’s friend’s attention was the great artist listening to the then brand new Nas album “It Was Written”, especially since both men had previously exchanged ill-tempered words to one another. Pac though maintained the need to study the tape with maximum concentration.

Kobane went to explain the strange weather conditions, as it went from sunny to a full-scale rainstorm just before Vegas. He also noted the massive shift in Pac’s behavior after he had signed up with Death Row, by giving a clear example from that day. Shakur went into a fierce exchange of words with a class full of high school kids who would go on and diss him. Kobane explained that it something that previously wouldn’t even cross Tupac’s mind. This exact change in mentality was one of the reasons behind Kobane eventually starting to take distance from Pac’s actions – both men simply didn’t see eye to eye on quite a few topics.

In the evening a big part of the gang went to a party at a club in Vegas, without Tupac. They were certainly shocked upon hearing a bit later that the legendary rapper was in a hospital, after being shot. Kobane also took his turn to announce that rumors of Pac wearing a bulletproof vest were totally false, as he was much more interested in looking stylish.

Kobane also remembered some of the people who went to visit Pac in the hospital and the list included many of the females the rapper had love affairs with, as well as non-other than Shakur’s father himself. That had come as the biggest surprise for Kobane at the time. He recalls that he and others close to Pac had to be on alert since the hospital had received death threats since Tupac was being treated there.

Kobane explained that everyone was optimistic that Tupac would live through his wounds, since he had been moving and showing signs of life and was eventually placed in a medically induced coma, as a means to stabilize his condition. That’s precisely why Kobane ended up being caught even more off guard 2 days later when it was announced that the rapper had died from his wounds.

Kobane would take a cab and get to the hospital as quickly as possible, where he witnessed journalists and thousands of fans gathering to mourn the great loss. In the end, Pac was cremated only a few hours after the announcement of his passing away. He himself admits that he didn’t really know the reason why it happened so quickly. Whatever the reason, however, the story certainly gives lots of food for thought.  

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