“Deep Dive” Series: The Biggie & 2Pac Case Files: Waymond “Suave” Anderson’s Wild Tales, Part 4

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In Episode 4 of “Deep Dive: The Biggie & Tupac Case Files,” Mike Dorsey continued to break down Michael Robinson’s claims by highlighting the inmate he received his information from. Waymond Anderson was a singer signed to Atlantic Records. However, an arson that resulted in the death of a person led to the singer catching a life sentence.

In the episode, Dorsey questioned how Anderson could have information on Biggie’s murder when he had been incarcerated for years prior. Despite claims that Suge Knight approached Anderson to find weapons that could be used for Biggie’s murder while they were both in a holding tank, it was proven that the meeting never happened. Anderson also failed a polygraph test. Later, Anderson recanted everything he said about David Mack and Rafael Perez and claimed it was Robinson’s idea to make up the story because he was an informant and needed something to give to law enforcement. Check out the above clip to hear more.

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