Darryl Harper: Sam Sneed Tried To Run After Being Punched By 2Pac

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Darryl Harper: Suge Knight made a grown ass man stand in the corner!

In another intriguing face-to-face video on “Art of Dialogue” Youtube channel former Death Row producer Darryl Harper lifts the lid on the violent nature of Suge Knight’s ruling over the proceedings in the company. Harper recalls multiple scenes where Knight would start beating up members of the label at meetings after they had supposedly messed up. He even explained how Suge had made Kevin Lewis stand in the corner of his office as punishment.

Bad-tempered encounters weren’t a specialty only on Knight’s part, however. The ex-producer recalled the time when Tupac was furious with Sam Sneed for inviting only New York-based rappers in the shooting of a music video for one of Sneed’s songs. Harper remembers Sam trying to run as Pac would continue to punch away at his colleague.

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