Big Daddy Kane Talks About The First Time He Met Tupac & Recording Songs

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Big Daddy Kane: I met him (Tupac) when he was dancing for Digital Underground, I had a tour called Shine For The City out on the road, and they were one of the groups on it. He used to hang with Scoob and Scrap every night, and eventually we got to talking, he was telling me he was gonna be doing his own thing soon, and he had a different direction, that he can’t wait to get out, that kind of thing.

He just seemed like a real interesting brother. A real serious student of the game, paying attention to what’s going on. During that time, Digital Underground declared war on all the other groups [on the tour] so after the show every night we would have water gun fights, me and my crew, Digital Underground, Queen Latifah and her crew, MC Lyte and her crew, just water gun fights every night. So we hung together a lot of times. From time to time we would see each other.

Here you go Manhattan show with ‘Pac and The Notorious B.I.G., with Scoob and Shyheim The Rugged Child, famously spit their iconic freestyles together, October 24, 1993.

He’s a dude I got a lot of respect for, because right prior to his death, Suge had wanted to sign me to what he was starting called Death Row East, and ‘Pac was one of the main people [saying], “We gotta have Kane,” and showed a lot of love. We went to Vegas to see a Tyson fight, and ended up leaving to go to Death Row to record songs in the studio, did a whole bunch of work in one night.

The Story Of How Tupac & Big Daddy Kane Recorded ”Too Late Playa”

The night I did a song (Too Late Playa) with Tupac and Queen, Danny Boy, Big Daddy Kane, MC Hammer and Nutt-so, it was cool. It’s real funny, because of the way it came about. We were actually in Las Vegas at a [Mike] Tyson fight. We were sittin’ around talkin’ about doing something together. Suge Knight was like, ‘Why don’t y’all stop talking about it and go ahead and do this shit, man. Y’all can fly back tonight, and be back here tomorrow.” The fight would end in a Tyson TKO victory. That prompted Kane and ‘Pac to get to work. “And we got on a plane, left Vegas, went back to L.A. to Death Row’s [Can-Am] Studios and me and ‘Pac recorded a song. Me, ‘Pac, and [MC] Hammer recorded a song. And then I wrote a song for Hammer that he recorded.”

On March 07, 1996, Tupac & Big Daddy Kane recorded ”Wherever U R”

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