1990-01-01 / Digital Underground with 2Pac (First Japan Tour)

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Chopmaster J: ”We basically ended up in Japan over in Yokohama. So these Japanese girls, they were flirting with us, you know, over there in the parking lot before we were even getting ready to go in. And Pac would be like, “You sure you can handle all this?” And he pulls his shit out and shows them. I don’t know where the cameras came from, but flashes started going off. They started taking these pictures. We were like, “We’re going to have a contest.” The club, people are tripping cause there’s a line that’s formulating from our dressing room through the club outside. There is maybe literally 75 to 100-and-something girls lined up for the dick-sucking contest. And the promoter was so ashamed and embarrassed. A lot of women … I guess other women thought it was the line for the bathroom. No, it was the line for Tupac.”

Digital Underground with 2Pac on tour in Japan. January 1, 1990

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