What Did Tupac Do to Settle His Scores with Biggie?

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Once released from prison, Tupac had two goals- to rebuild his career and to plot his revenge on Notorious B.I.G.

Can-Am Studio was the rapper’s second home after he was released from prison. With many legal fees to pay and some unfinished business regarding his ‘friend’ Biggie, Tupac spent around 19 hours a day in the studio, recording song after song.

The iconic rapper had to rebuild his career, proving to the world that the obstacles he had encountered the past few years had only made him more determined and stronger. When Suge Knight, co-founder of Death Row Records, helped Tupac get out of prison, he made the young rapper promise he will do everything in his powers to make sure Death Row becomes the biggest and most famous label in the world.

Full of hopes, driven by rage, and ready to go to war, Tupac agreed and spent every minute he had in the studio. The R&B singer Danny Boy even confirmed that Suge had built a bedroom in his office because Tupac hadn’t wanted to leave the studio.

Smoking weed and drinking alcohol, Tupac spit rhyme after rhyme. He still believed that the shooting at Quad Studios was the work of Biggie and Puffy, and he had been thinking about all the insults they had directed at him. He even told Vibe:

“They just said anything to assassinate my character. What that showed me: remember this lack of conscience when I come out. Remember this lack of mercy when I come out. Remember this lack of compassion when I come out.” / bellow interview was skipped to 2:13 min.

During his time in prison, Tupac surely had some time to plot his revenge, and according to Frank Alexander, Tupac’s bodyguard, the rapper planned to sleep with Biggie’s wife.

So, in the end, how did Biggie react to Tupac‘s vengeance plans? Is there anything forbidden in rap beef, or when it comes to gangsta life, everything is acceptable?

Tupac Shakur and Christopher “Biggie” Wallace – Friends or Enemies?!

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