Tupac Shakur and Christopher “Biggie” Wallace – Friends or Enemies?!

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The life Tupac Shakur led is undoubtedly controversial. For some, he is the most talented rapper to have ever lived, and to some, he is nothing but a thug. Many of the relationships Tupac had with other artists are also a very discussed topic.

1994 was a very hard year for the young rapper. Not only he was on trial for weapon possession, but he also faced charges for sexual abuse since a woman had accused him of setting up her rape in his own hotel room in New York. The future for the star and for his career was not very bright, and he was facing the possibility of a severe prison sentence.

1994-04-04 / Tupac & Biggie at Royalton Hotel (Freestyle Video)

At that time, Tupac was in a big need for cash as he had many legal bills to take care of. Therefore, all of his evenings were spent in recording verses with the sole purpose of rapping his way out of that financial crisis.

On Nov.30, Tupac spent his night at Quad Recording Studios, a place where many rappers recorded their tracks. Junior M.A.F.I.A., a rap group, consisting of some of the best rappers at the time and started by Christopher Wallace, was also at the studio that night. Tupac Amaru was known to have been friends with both Wallace, also called Biggie, and Chico Del Vec, a member of Junior M.A.F.I.A., so it was only normal that the rapper was welcomed in the studio and they all showed each other love.

Here is where things get interesting. A few hours later, Tupac left the recording studio on a stretcher, with a couple of bullet holes in his body. There are many things that are still unknown about the relationship Tupac Shakur and ChristopherBiggieWallace had. We all know they were friends, but then something apparently went wrong, and now, as both icons are no longer amongst us, the question about what had happened between them is getting more and more discussed each day.

The next iconic photo that most of you have probably seen marks the moment when friends became enemies. The rapper has a big brace on his neck, and you can clearly see that he is angry, for he is sticking up his middle finger in the air.

Tupac holding his middle finger high after being shot. / November 30, 1994

The logical thing to assume is that Tupac was mad at the photographers. However, it turns out that the situation was quite different, and the rapper was actually giving the finger to his ‘friend’ Biggie and his crew. Chico Del Vec confirmed that, saying:

Tupac Amaru gets off the elevator, on the hospital bed, they are wheeling him out … and he is looking at us with his middle finger up…He was saying, ‘Fuck y’all niggas.’ … looking at us against the wall.”

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Obviously, this was the breaking point of the relationship between Biggie and Tupac Shakur, but what exactly had happened? Why did both rappers end up dead, and most importantly, why investigators still cannot solve the murders of probably the most significant artists of the 20th century?

“Slow Burn” Season 3 To Investigate The Murders Of Tupac & Biggie

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