2Pac’s Troublesome and Thug Life Vol.1 Promotional Cassette Tape For Auction

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Although Tupac was incredibly productive during his relatively short musical career and life, much of his work remains a mystery to thousands and millions of his most loyal supporters. Shakur only ever released a slim portion of the songs he would record. Over the last few years, however, collectors are receiving more and more material to work with, as leaks and cassettes appear on the internet horizon. Another pair of cassettes are now for sale and from the description at hand, it seems as if the opportunity would be too good to be left unused.

Troublesome Promotional Cassette

2Pac - Troublesome '21 (Final Album Cassette Up For Auction)2
2Pac – Troublesome ’21 (Final Album Cassette Up For Auction)2

At the first auction, the item at stake will be a promotional cassette, which contains 15 songs. They were meant to be released in an album called “Troublesome” – originally anticipated to be Shakur’s second studio album. Later, however, the album was renamed “Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z, which represents quite a change of heart from the legendary rapper. Upon the sale of this cassette, we can only really speculate about the lyrical and musical content of the songs within.

The media drama and the ruling of the law were ultimately the reason for this masterpiece to never be available for the fans. This just adds value to the album and cassette. Tupac himself mentioned “Troublesome” once upon a time in a clip, which is now available on Youtube.

“Troublesome” contains 15 songs, which were sourced by a sound engineer of the fallen legend himself.

The auction begins at 3000 dollars, but it could sky-rocket to a potentially much greater sum if there are multiple bidders and motivated collectors. A hefty price, but for some individuals, it would be well worth it.


Side One


  1. Holler If You Hear Me
  2. Representin ’93
  3. Troublesome
  4. Strictly Fo’My Niggas
  5. Keep Ya Head Up
  6. I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto
  7. Don’t Call Me Bitch

Side Two

  1. What Goes On
  2. I Get Around
  3. Papas Song
  4. Crooked Nigga Too
  5. Still Don’t Give A Fuck
  6. Streets R Death Row
  7. Nothing But Love
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Auction: here

Thug Life Vol.1 Demo Tape

There’s also a second cassette, which contains yet more songs from Shakur – as a matter of fact, 10 of them. There aren’t many surprises for Pac supporters here since leaks from this tape came out a few years ago. We’d expect the interest in the item to be even greater as a result. The source once again is classified as a former sound engineer of Tupac. The auction once again starts at 3000 dollars, but the price could well end up double that sum.

A1 Bury Me A G
A2 Don’t Get It Twisted
A3 Shit Don’t Stop
A4 Pour Out A Little Liquor
A5 Runnin’ From The Police
B1 How Long Will They Mourn Me?
B2 Under Pressure
B3 Street Fame
B4 Cradle To The Grave
B5 Str8 Ballin’

Auction: here

Thug Life was leaked for years

Here you go two snippets from Troublesome Promotional Cassette :

Holler If Ya Hear Me (Cassette Promo Snippet)

Representin ’93 (Cassette Promo Snippet)

Auctions end on Friday, December 10, 2021

Source: gottahaverockandroll

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