DL: 2Pac and The Kidz – Nothing Gold (Unreleased Project) (1991-1992)

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The Kidz were a group of kids who 2Pac believed had talent and may appeal to other younger kids. His intention was to record an album called 'The Kidz' and had around 11-13 songs. The lyrics are written by Pac and he has more reference vocals on each reel which of course don't necessarily appear on the finished songs.

2Pac and The Kidz - Nothing Gold
2Pac and The Kidz - Nothing Gold (tracklist)


A1. Lovely Daze
A2. The Streets Got Ya Babies aka Ghost (same lyrics)
A3. Leave Us Kidz Alone
A4. Bedtime Stories (It is very likely instrumental)
A5. Blieve N Me
A6. Dope Fiends Dinner
A7. X.Y.Z! (Tha Kidz Song) - Unfinished, 2Pac only appears on the reel doing ref vocals…intended for the kidz project

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B1. Learn 2 Be a Nigga
B2. Wanna G
B3. Sistaz Song - Mysta song, Pac only appears doing ref vocals on the reel
B4. Don’t Forget Where You Came From - A Sister Named Mister
B5. Hell No - A Sister Named Mister

Produced by Deon Evans and Jeremy "J-Beats" Jackson
Recorded: 1991-1992

The album was never released, but we can hear some of the reference demos that were made and do not feature the kidz.

Ghetto Gospel (MTV Version, with Kidz) (pac does verse 1) (The Elton John version of Ghetto Gospel uses some distorted lyrics taken from one of the versions featuring Jesse Tha Kid - which can be heard by amplifying the acapella.)
Papaz Song
Dopefiends Diner

more songs recorded for the project are:

Outta Richtown
Street Lyfe
Da Show!

2Pac, The Kidz Reels by Atron Gregory
2Pac, The Kidz Reels by Atron Gregory

Tupac talks about The Kidz

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Davey D:Is there anything else we should know about Tupac?

2Pac: Yeah, the group Nothing Gold is coming. My kids are coming out with a serious message…NG is a group coming out that I produce.. All the stuff I say in my rhymes I say because of how I grew up. So to handle that, instead of going to a pyschiatrist, I got a kids group that deals with the problems a younger generation is going through. They put them into rhymes so it's like a pyschology session set to music. It'll make you come to grips with what you actually do.. / www.daveyd.com

The Kidz Members

Karlo, Kieda, Jerry, Step, Delores, Donald, Jesse the Kid, A Sister Named Mister.

Tupac Speaks On A Female Artist, A Sister Named Mister

Tupac: “I’m working with this female…A Sister Named Mister. She’s gonna be very strong for women. She’s gonna be speaking up for women, but she’s not gonna be putting her body in the camera to do it. None of that. She’s not gonna use her body at all to sell. She’s not gonna be little Sister Souljah either.

She’s gonna be a real black woman with a mic. She’s gonna have the power of a Black woman without me raping her. I’m not gonna put her body on pictures or anything like that. She’s gonna get the respect of a man. She’s gonna get the power of a woman. She’s eighteen.

Her first song is ‘Don’t Forget Where You Came From’, ‘cause you know how niggas…’I came from the Bronx,’ ‘I came from Brooklyn,’…you came from a uterus. You know and that’s what we forgetting with all this bullshit.” A Sister Named Mister is part the kids: Gold.

Information sources:

Bomb1st, Right On! Magazine (November 1997), Atron Gregory

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