DL: 2Pac – Stay True (Draft Cassette Tape), 1994

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In the summer of 1994, 2Pac would vigorously rewrite his tracklists, as he made it through various album titles and tracks, while the producers, engineers, etc, worked their way through the mixing, mastering processes, etc.

2Pac - Stay True Draft Tracklist, June 01, 1994.

One issue facing executives that played a part in stalling the CDs release was sample clearances. Since the works were only demos, some of the samples from the albums various tracks were not preapproved for use by the original musicians. This is why certain instrumentals behind his vocals (of songs subsequently officially released albums R.U. Still Down?, Me Against The World), are different from the originals, while others are on the originally intended beat.

Some were able to be altered just enough to be used legally, or remade by live band musicians, so the original artist had to simply accept a royalty fee for use of the original musical composition instead of the use of the actual original copyrighted audio itself which the original artist is legally allowed to refuse you access to, or use of.

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2Pac - Stay True (Draft Cassette Tape), 1994

Only Tape A was leaked.

1 2Pac– Intro-Lude 0:38
2 2Pac– When I Get Free 2:38
3 2Pac– Pac-Lude 0:10
4 2Pac– It Ain't Easy 5:04
5 2Pac– Temptations 5:07
6 2Pac– No Justice No Peace-Lude 0:56
7 2Pac, Natasha Walker– Nothin To Lose 4:03
8 2Pac– Pac-Lude 0:24
9 2Pac– Phuck All Y'all 4:09
10 2Pac, Ray Luv, Mac Mall, Young Lay– Amerikkka Eats It's Young
Producer – Khayree
11 2Pac, Stretch (4)– Stay True 3:08

12 2Pac– Dear Mama 4:49
13 2Pac– Pac-Lude 0:15
14 2Pac– High Till I Die 3:52
15 2Pac– My Only Fear Of Death 3:19
16 2Pac– Lord Knows 4:25
17 2Pac, Stretch – Hell Razor 4:25
18 2Pac– Thug Style 4:10
19 2Pac, Larry Sanders– Out On Bail 3:43

Source: discogs

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