Snoop Dogg – Welcome 2 Tha House

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Snoop Dogg – Welcome 2 Tha House

Album: Duces ‘N Trayz: The Old Fashioned Way
Released: July 31, 2001
Label: Doggystyle Records, TVT Records


[Snoop Dogg] Hey cuz
Give me something for the motherfuckin low riders

[Hook: Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg] Welcome to the house
Here ye here ye come one come all
Welcome to the house
A little something for my homegirls and all my dogs
Welcome to the house
Break a bitch at the same time breaking the law law
Welcome to the house
Dogg House do it to you so vivid and raw

[Goldie Loc] Nigga come on in and have a seat
Write a rap or make a beat no need to bring heat
Junebug with the eight ball crackin’ for sho
We Bout to fall in the back studio and blow

[Tray-D] Compound locked down foundation set
So keep the set out your mouth if you ain’t claimed it yet
You know the D.H.G.C. Snoop Nate Tray-D
Goldie Loc and the Angels bangin’ and we stay G

[Goldie Loc] Now when I build my shit it’s gone be something like this
Little rich ass niggas sitting on top of the cliff
Cars parked all the way down the street
I bet you 20 out of 40 sitting on some chrome v

[Tray-D] From the entrance it’s pimp shit in full effect
Spittin’ rhymes getting high off of blunts and X
Just G’s and lex we slang heat till death
Top notch bombs drop and keep the house on deck nothing less


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[Tha Angels] Fell up in the Dogg House, I’m high as a kite
I kick game shoot the shit kick classics and then I write
It’s all love cuz thugs a thug
Blowing dubs pack the tech it’s all love with us
What you thought it was over bitch nigga had you pumped up
Hatas put us all out bitches got us fucked up
Doggy’s Angels lucked up hate from the gate
Big Snoop let us break to handle this like sex
Buss up like henchmen for the pension we dogs like resevior
Drinking G having tats thugged out repitar
Repititious and ready to cause heavy
Castrate hoes by nature trying to falsefy gangstas
Lyrical overdose 20 cc’s of the most
Potent antedote key from the street and you can smoke
Yap Chan or me collectively we the three most
G’d up femenist ever telling this bitch


[Doggy’s Angels] Keep my vision limited if a bitch can’t benefit
Still no mercy Angels birth us cursed we thirsty
Loc just with the game stay tuned its gonna be continued
Just a sippin of that G shit peep the next on the menu
I been official a rider to the upmost
Check the representation no hesitation on the west coast
What up loc on the block nigga swervin’ the lac Big Chan
Corner low with cognac

[Tray-D] Credibility we finna keep a props to pop
While you set hoppin’ bustas jump spot to spot
We hold post on the coast of the dogs and locs
Doing drive-by’s hundred spokes crawl in snow

[Goldie Loc] It’s time to eat sleep piss and shit
And as we walk out the door take a look at the fish
Peep this it’s something you can’t miss
Everybody from the Dogg House fool is a crip real shit


[Nate Dogg] The house that dog built

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