Snoop Dogg – Sunrise

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Snoop Dogg – Sunrise

Album: Bible Of Love
Released: March 16, 2018
Label: RCA Records, All The Time Entertainment


[Intro: Sly Pyper]
Oh my God
If you’re good long enough you’ll know it won’t need to rain
With just one sunrise
My life, bumps & bruises
Battle scars had to prove my loyalty for my hood
These are better days
Voices from vices got me standing me here
Singing praises to Your name
For saving me from my yesterday
Second chances come with every sunrise

I wake up feeling like the Most High’s favorite child
Cuz he gave me you
A breath of fresh air and a brand new morning
Painted blue
I wake up blessed and highly favored just to see
Another day was proof that
Second chances come with every sunrise

[Verse 1: Sly Pyper]
My life bumps and bruises
Tribulations and trials, but I made it through
So it’s all good
These are better days
I just want you to know
I’ve been to the bottom of the barrel of my pride
And I fell down by surprise
Why live in the dark when there’s sunrise?


[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg]
Shout it out to the world
IG posted it
If you get a second chance, you better make the most of it
I used to ride with the gun guys
Blaze to the fun times
But nowadays, I just praise until the sunrise
Been down so long
I’m used to falling, y’all
But I recognize, this my calling dawg
I been ordained, anointed with the oil
On the battlefield
Loyal to the soil
I’m lookin’ at the man in the mirror
See now things is gettin’ much clearer
I got my own church, my own choir, my own band
I guess you could say, I’m a brand new man
See rap guys usually don’t get baptized
But how could you cleanse your sins without it
Make you wanna think about it, uh
Right reverend the reverend right recite light
You see today is the day to get your life right

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[Music Outro]

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