Snoop Dogg Lies Exposed! Reggie Wright: Keisha Morris (Tupac’s ex wife) is The Reason Tupac Joined Death Row Records

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In response to Snoop Dogg’s interview on The Breakfast Club few days ago, claiming that he is the reason Tupac get out on bail from prison and to sign with Death Row Records, Reggie Wright refutes these assertion today, in The Art Of Dialogue’s interview.

Reggie Wright claims and Suge Knight also confirms from prison that Keisha Morris (Tupac’s ex wife) is the reason Tupac joined Death Row Records.

Reggie Wright also talks Suge Knight attempting to sign Tupac in 1993, when ‘Pac was working on the ”Above The Rim” movie.

Snoop Dogg ”I think the spirit of Tupac was Nipsey” on The Breakfast Club

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