Snoop Dogg – G’d Up

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Snoop Dogg – G’d Up

Album: Tha Eastsidaz
Released: February 1, 2000
Label: Doggystyle Records, TVT Records


Intro[Tray Dee] and (Snoop)
(Bow Wow, haha, what’s up Cat?)
[Goddamn] (Yeah, Yeah, aha)
[Yeah, It’s a mothafuckin Dogghouse, Battlecat collaboration] (What what wha-wha-what, ooh-ooh)
[You know this mothafucka bang out, Straight west coast thing(fo life), peep the script]

( Tray-Dee )[Snoop] I bang with the gang that don’t need no intro[Doggpound] We run from East Long Beach to West South Central
Credentials, to kick flows and rip shows
Dip 4’s and pimp ho’s while the indo blow
You know that west coast low mentality
Focused on reality but livin in a whole notha galaxy
We keep it straight hard but guard the spot
Bangas snatch chains in the parkin lot
Don’t matta there still be fine ho’s to gatha
Pick about the thickest bitch and I gots to hav ha
It’s routine the coupe clean let’s hit the sho[whattup] You know we all fuckin once they glimpse the po[thats right] Wit the satin in my hand pack the gat on my lap
Cuz it’s hatin when your skatin and your
Pockets is fat[thats right] Don’t act for a minute like your ass surprised
Just reconize the real way that gangsta’s ride

( hook, Snoop )
If it ain’t chronic don’t blaze it up
And if it ain’t a chevy don’t raise it up
You know we keep it bangin don’t fake the funk
So all the real niggas stay gangsta’d up
We makin paper only suckas claim to touch
By stickin to the script and neva changin up
You know we keep it bangin don’t fake the funk
Keep it real motherfucka stay gansta’d up

( Goldie Loc )
It’s goin down motherfuckaz like dat
Sounds like Battlecat been upstairs wit Zapp [Rest in Peace] And the nockin don’t stop
I hope nobody don’t call the cops
It don’t stop the beat’ll make your pop block
Na betta yet cuz dis shit’ll keep your Glock cocked
You think I’m trippin fool I ain’t bullshittin
You betta read up on dis shit to keep the latest non-fiction
Watch out for the friction
Dis West Coast on mine
And fuck anybody dssin nigga lissen
Dogg House style cuz I’m a gangsta crip
C-walkin holdin on the extra clip
Now you wanna be a friend
But you gunna make me unload and slap the other clip in reload
You wanna go toe to toe
Sit my pistol down on ground on the pound nigga hell no

Bridge: ( Butch Cassidy )[Snoop Dogg] I-i-i stay gangsta’d up cuz it just lives in me
And when I seen enuff I guess dats when I’ll free sumbody
Once said from willie c. nigga dont speek on me[Dont speak on me nigga] I won’t stop so let me be[yeah] we are from the streets sumboby

( Snoop Dogg )
I’m a Long Beach East Side(east side) mad ass lunatic
Gang bang(gang bang) slap a bitch nigga out to get a grip(grip)
On the grind gettin mine(what?) ask the homiez(what?) on the 9 2 o you know(y’know)
We still own niggas who talk bitch shit(shit)
Real niggas feel dis let’s get rich(rich)
Under the sun with the young 2 ones TLC’s(Rollin’) and all the DPG’s(whattup)
Down for whatever who eva wanna see me now(see me now)
You lookin like me I guess you wanna be me now(be me now)
It take a whole lot to be Snoop D-O-dub(D-O-Dub)
You gotta put it down and always stay g’d up(g’d up)
All Star shoes with the G apparel
If I fall in the club I might bust a pair of Stacy Adams(ooh-ooh-ooh)
You never catch me lookin R&B(unh-uh)
I might be in a 3 piece suit lookin way OG(way OG)
Blazin a ounce with the homie Cat(yeah)
Or Ruff Dogg cuz I luv puttin Hoodstas on the map(Hoodstas on the map)
I keep it gangsta for sho do loc(gangsta)
And always got the muthfuckin do-do smoke(do-do smoke)
For all my loc’s and kin folks this is for y’all(whattup)
Let me hit somethin’, dogg(lemme hit somethin)
Beware of my clique(ha-ha)
We hoppin’ and droppin’ nothin’ but the gangsta shit(nothin but the gangsta)

( hook )

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( Snoop talkin )
Gangstas(haha), gangsta, Dogg House(eastside) sumthin for the 9-5 plus four pennies(Dogghouse)
Tray-Dee(woof woof), Goldie Loc(Long Beach, Long Beach)
My nigga Battlecat on the beat(fa sho) Hoodstas for life(what, yeah yeah)
West Side(West Side, West Side, yeah yeah)
You can’t spell the West without the E-S(haha)
Ah yes we connectin y’all
Thats how we do it ( do it to em, do it to em )
And we out ( see ya, see ya )


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