Snoop Dogg feat. Mali Music And Kim Burrell – Talk To God

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Snoop Dogg feat. Mali Music And Kim Burrell – Talk To God

Album: Bible Of Love
Released: March 16, 2018
Label: RCA Records, All The Time Entertainment


With no shame and with confidence you’re by my side
I proclaim it not in confidence, your truth and I
Can’t stay quiet ’bout it
No, you know I tried, and I
I can’t hold my piece, I see the world
Through Zion’s eyes, sing Kim

Kids with babies and the chosen ones are dying slow
And oh, without you Lord I don’t know where the world would go
All the brokeness is weighing down, hey, round we go
And I’m now hoping this is taking long
But here we are Lord

I’m walking the way (walking the way)
I’m feeling the truth
You’re the life I believe
I believe in you (oh yes I do)
You’re my hope every day
We’re dependent on you (and you know you)
What a price, what a name

With no shame and complete confidence
Your word is true
I’ve decided to commit my life and follow you
All the doctors tell us news and things we all go through
All i know is what your word told me and I will do

When I can’t listen to broken-hearted people crying
I submit to you
Give you my soul to multiply it
All of the valleys, desert, storms and trials
I been through (preach)
I have learned that through it all, all that we have is you

Oh, oh you made the sun to shine (you made the sun shine)
Day to day
Living in your body, your mind
All the health and strength
It’s God’s power, to salvation
God’s power (you Lord)
In difficult times, look to Him
Look again
More love than you ever will know

Yeah with no shame, complete confidence I know you’re here
With instruction know destruction has no power here
And I can’t ignore all of the signs I see on public news
All the headlines say the earth is done but
I know You…

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Made the moon to shine in the night
Amidst the darkness you still shine bright
There is salvation for come every problem
That’s why you mention, throw every weight
There’s so much power and love in the name
Every hour your name feels right
You have salvation, throw your tears
You have so much patience and loyalty
Make that sun to make shine, through all my needs
You the power and glory yeah
Yeah through the fire, sinking sand
God hold my hand


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