Snoop Dogg – Can’t Say Goodbye

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Snoop Dogg – Can’t Say Goodbye

Album: Ego Trippin
Released: March 11, 2008
Label: Doggystyle Records, Geffen Records


[Hook: Charlie Wilson]
I’m a man, I gotta take care of my family
Fighting these pressures in my life
I know my mind should be on shinin’ and gettin’ Grammy’s
But these streets won’t say goodbye

[Intro: Charlie Wilson] (Snoop Dogg)
I can’t say goodbye (To the blocks)
Goodbye (To the hood)
Goodbye (To the streets)
I can’t say goodbye (To the hood)
Goodbye (To the blocks)
Goodbye (To the streets)
I can’t say goodbye (To the blocks)
Goodbye (To the streets)
Goodbye (To the hood)
I can’t say goodbye (To the hood)
Goodbye (To the blocks)
Goodbye (To the homies)

[Verse 1]
I guess it’s true, you can’t take the hood out the homeboy
Plus my hood just lost another homeboy
Another one got locked, and we don’t know
If he comin’ home boy
The industry tell me, just leave it alone boy
Let them do them, take care of your own boy
But I sit back, think about, before I was grown boy
Then had dreams of bein’ a doe boy
Yeah I was runnin’ from the po-po, bangin’ for the turf
Late night huntin’, puttin’ in work
Hood day comin’, airbrushed shirt
Payday at the spot, got my haircut first
Made mom sick when I wouldn’t go to church
See I live in the ‘burbs but I think 21st
I know since I’ve left that it’s gotten much worse
But I’d still be there if I couldn’t write a verse

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[Verse 2]
To the blocks that raised me
The enemies and the homies that made me
Tough enough to hang on the corners that would mold me
Critics wonder if I’m tryin’ to be the old me
But if they think the old me ever left
Then they don’t really know me
And gon’ know we don’t change, we just become O.G
You always addicted to the life, you just don’t O.D
But shit, I owe the streets before they owe me
Took me in when my mama didn’t want me
Too wild to be her child, and pops not around
Now all I got now is the homies
To teach me, how to be a man and what not
How to break ounces into grams and what not
The reason I’m so nice with my hands and what not
Shit, you think I forgot? Nah

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[Verse 3]
Thank God every day that the boy could spit
And all around the world they enjoyin’ my shit
I know I got plenty more awards to get
I got a beautiful wife and some gorgeous kids
But it wouldn’t be right if I ignored the shit
That made me who I am, the music and the man
Told me that I can before the world gave a damn
If it wasn’t for my niggas sayin’ stick to the plan
Probably be a gun instead of a pen in my hand
Probably be doin’ a dub in the pen with my man
They say leave the streets but they don’t really understand
All I had was the block when I didn’t have fans
Rapped on the corners when I couldn’t get spins
All I had was the homies when I didn’t have kids
If it all came down, my career was to end
I’m sure my name would live, in these streets

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