New NFTS Of Tupac Show Rare Pieces Of His Jewelry And Final Photo Before Death

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The legend of Tupac Shakur continues to haunt the minds of thousands of his supporters, who still preserve a fond memory of one of hip-hop’s most adored sons. Now it seems like modern technologies will play a massive part in protecting the memory alive as ever, as well as presenting pieces of attire from the fallen rapper’s everyday being.

After reports about emerging NFTs of Tupac pictures from a photo shoot, which had previously never before seen the light of day, now it seems like the NFT technology will allow us to witness some of Shakur’s famous jewelry first hand. MakersPlace has teamed up with the Shakur Estate to create a truly special collection. It will include pieces of Tupac’s diamond rings, the Makaveli bracelet, as well as the medallion from his very last photoshoot.

It is known that Pac created his own brand of jewelry in 1996 – the year of his murder. Previously, he would wear jewelry from different materials, depending on the success of his artistic career – from leather all the way to gold. A press release states that the pieces, which were selected, held the greatest sentimental value for the legendary rapper.

The Immortal Collection will make its debut within days – on the 15th of December, so this might be the perfect way to please yourself or a close person before the Christmas holidays. The exhibit, named “Tupac Shakur. Wake Me Up When I’m Free” aims to provide all fans and clients with a first-hand experience of the deeper layers of thought behind the symbols of Pac’s musical cravings, activist persona, and all-round humanitarian role in the lives of millions. The end of the year continues to get better and better for Pac supporters so as they say – bring on 2022!

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