MTV Shares Unreleased Rare Footage Of Tupac And Snoop Dogg

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MTV Shares Unreleased Rare Footage Of Tupac And Snoop Dogg

Just a few months after the last treasure that came out of MTV Vault, on Sunday (February 14, 2021) the YouTube channel has provided another rare, unseen footage of Tupac and Snoop Dogg behind the scenes of “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” video.

The video for the 1996-released classic was filmed in April 1996. Directed by Tupac-himself accompanied by Gobi M. Rahimi, the idea behind the “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” is all Tupac’s. In fact, the guy who was set to direct the video refused the job just two days before the shooting, because he didn’t want to share credits with Pac.

The 9 minutes and 41 seconds-long unreleased behind-the-scenes video starts with Tupac explaining his idea of what’s the video about, with Snoop sitting next to him.

America has shown us over and over again what ambitious is and what forms ambitious should be shown. All we doing is putting out the mirror and showing that yes we saw it. Yes, we got it and yes we are doing it. So that’s what this video is about,” – Tupac says in the clip.

Later on, at the 30 seconds mark, the interviewer asks Pac and D-O-Double-G to explain the whole concept behind the video. While passing a blunt to each other, Tupac explains:

What we’re trying to do is use intellect while we rapping…We wanted to put the mirror up to show you where we got these gangster ideas. So we took all these scenes out of classic movies with gangsters in it,” Tupac says in the video. “Not gangsters named DoDirty and Snoop, and Tupac, and Daz and Kurupt, but gangsters named Lucky Luciano, Corleone…” Tupac added.

The new upload also shows Nate Dogg on set, who also shares few words with the interviewer behind the scenes as well as Suge Knight.

At the 8 minutes and 20 seconds mark, Tupac and Snoop talk about their collaborative projects, revealing to the reporter they had 5 or more songs together already.

You can check the full video above via YouTube.

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