Mopreme (Maurice Harding)

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Maurice Harding’s mother and father is Sharan Harding and Mutulu Shakur. Four or five years after Harding’s birth his father married Afeni Shakur. She had a son and daughter, Tupac and Sekyiwa Shakur. At the time their parents got married Harding was four or five-year-old and Tupac was two or three and they lived in Harlem, New York. Harding thought that Tupac was old for his age, he always used to hang out with Harding and his older cousins. When they later moved to Oakland, California Tupac used to have a lot of problems with his mother, sometimes he’d come over to Harding’s house and sleep over. Harding used to cut his hair, get him straight and let him rest.

Both Harding and Tupac became good rappers when they got older. Harding made his debut on Tony! Toni! Ton?!’s “Feels Good” which was released on a single on June 15, 1990 and two months later on their LP, The Revival. Harding went under the alias Mocedes The Mellow. He and three others formed a group, W.A.T.M. The W stood for Wycked which was his new alias. He guest appeared on “Papa’z Song,” the fourth single and video of Tupac’s LP, Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z… He later changed his alias to Mopreme and joined Thug Life, a group which also consisted of Macadoshis, The Rated R, Tupac and Tyruss “Big Syke” Himes.

On September 26, 1994, their debut album, Thug Life Volume 1, was released. It sold gold, which was good, but not as good as they expected. A lot of people blamed Interscope Records who edited and removed a lot of songs from the LP due to that it was too hardcore and underground. The first single and video was “Pour Out A Little Liquor.” It was a Tupac solo song and didn’t feature Mopreme nor any other members of Thug Life. Mopreme was on the three other singles and videos, “Cradle To The Grave,” “How Long Will They Mourn Me?” and “It Don’t Stop,” though.

In 1995, Bruce “Fatal” Washington, Katari “Kastro” Cox, Malcolm “E.D.I.” Greenidge, Mutah “Napoleon” Beale, Tupac and Yafeu “Kadafi” Fula founded a group, the Outlaw Immortalz which was later re-named to the Outlawz. Mopreme was recruited to the group. Tupac had given the members of the group aliases taken from political men hated in America, Tupac gave Mopreme the alias Komani, after Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini. The Outlawz made their debut on “When We Ride” on Tupac’s double LP, All Eyez On Me, which was released on February 16, 1996. Shortly after the release Komani left the Outlawz. Since then Komani has been very quiet. He has mostly guest appeared on other artists’ albums and compilations and soundtracks.

Komani later changed his name from Maurice Harding to Mopreme Shakur. Today, he’s signed with Status Records who’s scheduled to release his solo album, Mopreme Shakur: Life And Law, this year.

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renee watkins
November 26, 2018 12:35 am

morpheme this is Renee Tupac out living in Los Angeles,ca call me cellphone number (424)757-7557 cell number morpheme shaker hardings I am in Fresno,ca 11/28/2018 be living in December in pamona,ca girlfriend Tupac shock g meet me at 93.5 day radio station world wide tour as pep of eazxy due it title song no more question vmi on sunset street account with them my accountant is 990 billion dollars just my vocals and me the Renee of Tupac shukur I was in Las Vegas, nv last year 08/12/2014-2017 year morpheme Watkins security to Tupac shakur mama okay no lies they tried to dirty me up young and 2pac himself 365 days 1/4 of earth of sun in solar is great to thirty days of what I have to do more to being an august can’t eat from the tree of good and evil pac like myself said you don’t take the sun from the world in which it rains every where Tupac seven degrees you can’t simply take out to do there every day livesinconsiplation on your own lives to study what sparked nation according to global at which you taking out every day living long thirty days in a month 10.4 12.4 math everyday that will save lives in every morning thank that me knows the world according to your own lives among one self okay average 12.3 you crashed in deliberately than she has come to say that you dead in sin deceit and immortal of me and her and god creator that is how much you doing to the father like us gods creators of humankind is living spiritual ,human race unprovate doing the job like and nine five not but exposing to physical you can’t beat the race of life in you makes it more cool quiet in me and you to be a immortal life of what we won’t say for the next thirty days can one life good offense when you take it takes out what give bacon come home to kosher in our every day lives as everyday living that when it becomes true not from what you have done to erupted life of being born to me in the the Red Sea god controls us in and gods control there selves for eruption in the cycle of the sun you sparks definitely is right to all of us creative Dre is loyal be good and safe with not distance from us all but together that is what he likes us about one love California . 5775 year is world that is automatically right 30 orders in the calendar month of each of us that reads it is 30days of ordered taking away from brother its what is right to us all bro and pac it is me Renee find Renee that you call out Glena its all that we fall of know not okay Dre I am hearing you well I am diving of pitiful of one come get nasty not Dre when I say it my nigga snoop and Dre kurupt of me its done like it the sun my niggas do you hear awww you hear me Dre what pitfall shame alcohol is good at times Dre but not all days you gotta get me know Dre its we only guys have one life to live bro one life take your time find her bro my ex came I left but not without her mom its her call if you get a number of Renee ok.thats it the young niggas on the block time goes by times go bye Dre its leap moprem

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