Jada Pinkett Smith Disappointed ”All Eyez On Me” Movie

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After watching the film, Jada shook the Tupac society with several tweets, and the displeasure of recreating her friendship with Tupac was quite inaccurate.

Tupac even penned two poems – ‘Jada‘ and ‘The Tears in Cupid’s Eyes‘ – about their life-long friendship in his 1999 posthumous poetry book, The Rose That Grew from Concrete.

Jada (4 Jada) – Tupac’s Handwritten Poem

1995-01-23 / Jada Pinkett Helps With 100,000 Dollars To Bail Money For 2Pac

1995-01-26 Jada’s Letter To Tupac In the Prison


1991-11-28 / Tupac & Jada Photo

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