Jada Pinkett Sent 2Pac Pictures In Lingerie While He Was In Prison?

Jada Pinkett Sent 2Pac Pictures In Lingerie While He Was In Prison? 2Pac & Jada Pinkett Was More Then Friends?

Jada Pinkett Smith Disappointed ”All Eyez On Me” Movie

After watching the film, Jada shook the Tupac society with several tweets, and the displeasure of recreating her friendship with Tupac was quite inaccurate. Forgive me... my relationship to Pac is too precious...

1994-09-30 / Tupac attends ”Jason’s Lyric” Movie Screening

On September 30, 1994, Tupac attended the screening of the movie ''Jason's Lyric''. It featured an ensemble cast of actors such as Allen Payne, Jada Pinkett Smith, Bokeem Woodbine, Treach, Eddie Griffin...

1995-01-23 / Jada Pinkett Helps With 100,000 Dollars To Bail Money For 2Pac

On January 23, 1995, Jada Pinkett helps with 100,000 dollars to Bail Money for 2Pac Jada Pinkett reportedly contributes $100,000 to 2Pac's then $3,000,000 bail. Jada’s Letter To Tupac In the Prison

1995-01-26 Jada’s Letter To Tupac In the Prison

In January 26, 1995, in the prison Tupac received a letter from Jada Pinkett Smith. In 2015, the letter was sold at eBay's user - lhow5797 for the sum of $1,750.00  Jada Pinkett Helps With 100,000 Dollars...

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