Big Syke – Big Syke Daddy (Official Album)

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Big Syke – Big Syke Daddy (Official Album)

Big Syke Daddy is the second studio album by West Coast rapper Big Syke, released on September 25, 2001 on D3 Entertainment/RideOnUm Records. The following six tracks “Big Syke Daddy”, “At Your Convenience”, “Why?”, “On My Way Out”, “Good Timez”, “Enjoyin Life” were released on Big Sykes debut album Be Yo’ Self in 1996.

Released: September 25, 2001
Recorded: 2000-2001
Label: D3 Entertainment, RideOnUm Records
Producers:  Big Syke (Executive), Johnny “J”, DJ Quik, Nate Fox, Vachik Aghaniantz, Femi Ojetunde


1.”Hey” 4:00
2.”R.M.F.N.” 3:51
3.”LA LA” 3:06
4.”Time Iz Money” (featuring E-40 & DJ Quik) 4:02
5.”Big Syke Daddy” (vocals Nanci Flecher & Capucine Jackson) 4:21
6.”Come With Me” 3:41
7.”My Block” (featuring Swerv) 5:29
8.”At Your Convenience” (vocal Toyona Holloway) 4:25
9.”Problemz” 3:57
10.”Why?” 4:25
11.”I Got Keyz” 3:34
12.”On My Way Out” (vocal Toyona Holloway) 4:16
13.”Good Timez” (vocal Toyona Holloway) 4:01
14.”Past Future” (featuring Samaria, Daveed, Sundae, Swerv) 4:53
15.”Enjoyin Life” 3:46
16.”RideOnUm” (featuring Sundae & Swerv) 13:59

Big Syke’s Albums:

Big Syke – Big Syke Daddy (Official Album)

Big Syke – Be Yo’ Self (Official Album)

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Big Syke – Big Syke (Official Album)

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