1996-08-31 / Afeni Visited Tupac in Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

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Afeni returned to Atlanta the morning of August 31. On her way to the airport, she stopped at the Wilshire Boulevard apartment Tupac used when he worked late. He seemed fresh, though, when Afeni buzzed him down to the lobby. “Why didn’t you just come up?” he asked. “Wanted to give you your space,” she said. “Got a whole lot of space,” Tupac said, gathering her in a hug. “How many mothers do I have?”

He went out to the car to say hello to his sister, who had recently enrolled in cosmetology classes. Afeni recalls: “He stood outside the car and said, ‘I’m very proud of you’ to her. They were always trying to make each other proud. She had gone back to school to help open a line of cosmetics with Kidada. She had been in school four months. That was the first time he acknowledged it, saying he was so proud. It was a nice warm feeling for a parent.”

10601 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024, US
10601 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024, US

Tupac was charged $57,600 for rentals paid by Death Row in connection with an apartment located at 10601 Wilshire Boulevard. That apartment was not occupied by Tupac, but by other Death Row artists. The dates of the rental payments, check numbers, GJ Reference Numbers and check amounts are as follows:

Date     Check  #GJ Reference # Amounts

1/4/96  11545  12105P            $10,994.00

1/4/96  11546  12106P            $1,728.00

1/4/96  11547  12107P            $1,828.00

2/7/96  1234    12831P            $4,800.00

3/4/96  12877  13526P            $4,800.00

4/8/96  13682  14400P            $4,800.00

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5/7/96  14426  15176P            $4,800.00

6/11/96            15293  16069P            $4,800.00

7/1/96  15732  16537P            $4,800.00

8/7/96  16789  17647P            $4,800.00

9/3/96  1070    72P      $4,800.00

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