Tupac Rehearsal Live Performance At The 1993 MTV Live Jams

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Tupac Rehearsal Live Performance At The 1993 MTV Live Jams

A rare video of the Tupac live rehearsal for his performance at the 1993 MTV Live Jams surfaced online. The new-leaked video shows Pac on set, performing Keep Ya Head Up and I Get Around accompanied by Digital Underground and Stretch.

The MTV Live Jams show on July 28, 1993, was hosted by Bill Bellamy and Josie Harris. The unseen footage reveals the whole process of the rehearsal while the place is still empty.

At the beginning of the 18 minutes and 55 seconds-long video, we see Bill and Josie opening up the show and introducing Tupac as the special guest, whose job is to bring some Hip-Hop flavor to the R&B jams.

Unlike most of the shows today, back in the 90s it was all about Live performances and artists had to still rehearse the performances.

Tupac kicks-off his performance with “Keep Ya Head Up”, then after a short break, the late rap legend shows some love and appreciation to Shock-G, calling him up on stage for the next track described as “summer song” and “Made for the streets” – “I Get Around”.

Before I do it, I got to bring out the man responsible for having me out here at all, or anybody to see me or hear me or anything,” Tupac says on the mic. “My man Shock-G and the homie Money-B, they finna come out here and join me on this real s**t“.

MTV got plenty of rare material and they don’t hide it. In 2020 the media revealed another rare behind-the-scenes footage of Tupac and Dr. Dre and the making of “California Love” video via their YouTube channel “MTV Vault“.

Watch the full video of the rehearsal where Tupac performed two of the “Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.” classics at the 1993 MTV Jams show above.


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