1993-11-06 / Tupac & Haitian Jack at Scores Strip Club. They Watched Bowe vs. Holyfield II

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Haitian Jack and Tupac quickly bonded and socialized regularly, including attending Manhattan’s famed Scores strip club on November 06, 1993, where the two watched the heavyweight title rematch between then-champion Riddick Bowe and Evander Holyfield, drinking $2,600-a-bottle Louis XIII de Remy Martin cognac in the club’s VIP room.


Haitian Jack: I met Pac at a club in Manhattan. The name of the club at the time was The Octagon. I was having a little party in there and a friend of mine told me Pac was asking who I was because he saw everybody sitting around me with a lot of champagne, a lot of women, a lot of guys. He was like “Who’s that guy?” My friend was like “That’s Jack, do you want to meet him?” Pac said “Yeah” and my friend checked in with me first.

So my friend came over to me and said “Tupac wants to meet you.” I wasn’t really familiar with him like that yet. I asked my friend “Tupac?” My friend said “Yeah the kid that shot the cops in Atlanta.” I said. “Okay I know who you’re talking about, bring him over and get him a drink.” From that night we started a friendship.

Who is Jacques “Haitian Jack” Agnant?

He came and hung out with me at Scores and we watched that Riddick Bowe [versus Evander Holyfield] fight where the guy parachuted into the ring. We watched the fight in the VIP room of Scores.

I got him a bottle of Louis XIII [de Rémy Martin], Cuban cigars and he was like, “Wow man this is the life.” I told him this is the life I live but I don’t bring attention to myself. I do what I do with my friends and that’s it. I kept telling him while he was on those New York streets, they do not like people who shoot cops. This is a cop state. The best thing for you to do is to stay in the studio, stay focused, do your music and come check me when you’re free; because at the time I was hanging out in Queens mostly. He said, “Cool I’m going to do that.”

But when I was around him he started drinking, smoking and hanging around with these Rap dudes, they took him a whole another direction, you know?

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