The Promise – Tupac’s Handwritten Poem

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The Promise - Tupac’s Handwritten Poem“I will give u Liberty, But First give me ure spirit,
This I must confiscate Because the evil Fear it.”
I too would be afraid of passion governed by reason
An open mind 2 trying times when corruption is in season
The promise that they claim
2 be completely true
is hypocrisy at its finest
A trick 2 silence u
never will I Believe a promise
from the masters of the Art
Trickery does not succeed
with those with Honest Hearts

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  1. The masters of the art are rarely seen by heart. They come at night when dark is dimm a barely fainted light. You keep the promise from the start when 2pac came and tore it apart. He gazed at theory and rained at fame, he let the worldly bastard shame us at the opening, becomes a prayer open ended rear view stare. The masters pardon of rejection high, dismiss all charges and we can not lie. Tupac has given all his heart to the streets of mercy as we proceed to part. Mamma would be so proud of him as he ascended to Heaven without sin.


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