1995-08-17 / Tupac Wrote Poem “What I Believe” For Simi Chouhan

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On August 17, 1995, Tupac wrote the handwritten poem “What [drawing of an eye] Believe,” on an off-white 8 x 10.5 sheet of notebook paper, signed at the bottom in red ballpoint, “Tupac A. Shakur,” who adds a dedication and date to upper right, “(exclusively 4 Simi /Simi Chouhan/ by 2Pac) 8/17/95.” The poem was written by Tupac while he was incarcerated in New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility.

image: justcollecting.com

“What I Believe” (Exclusively 4 Simi by 2Pac)

“Is it wrong for me to approach you this way and
unload my passionate wishes? Are you surprised?
Flattered? Afraid? Offended? Or maybe a little suspicious.
I believe in wishes, sensuous kisses and attraction
at first sight. I believe in hugs, falling in love and
making love on rainy nights. I have no fear of rejection
upon reflection. Somethings aren’t meant to be.
What I couldn’t imagine is us not having the opportunity
to see. Many men will bring you promises, some of them will
lie. A few of them will make you laugh, most of them will
make you cry. From your first love to your final love, there’s
true love in between. The love that becomes a part of you, injected into your bloodstream. I am not a psychic or a prophet and I don’t have a crystal ball. but I believe I am this love for you. The greatest of them all.”


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