Snoop Dogg – What’s Yo Pleasure

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Snoop Dogg – What’s Yo Pleasure

Album: Cuzznz
Released: January 15, 2016
Label: Felder Entertainment Inc


[Intro: Snoop Dogg]
Lay low, getting’ this weed money, me and my cous’
Yeah, you know how we do
But I wanna hold that baby for a minute now
See, about to knock ‘er
See what it takes for her to be knocked
What it is, trip

[Hook: Snoop Dogg](x2)
Baby, what’s yo’ pleasure?
I be there for you, baby!
Even through stormy weather

[Verse 1: Daz Dillinger]
Huh, what did you prefer, let me accommodate
To get you turned up, to get your head straight
We started off with a quote, and now it’s about an eighth
When you and Ali back, I blow it in ya face
I could tell that you high because you laughing
You took a dab of that wax girl, you blasting
She wants some cake in her system, she take a shot of that
Moscato with the lemon, yeah, with a shot of yeah
Man, that’s a hell of a combination, put you on your back
She take three more shots, I said you dig that?
Now she in the mood tonight to get freaky
I can tell that she buzzing, she getting kinky
Yes, she loving [?] she take a dab
Its me and one girl and Snoop in dial[?]
Hit the stormy weather, yeah, it’s fifty below
We in a smoke storm, baby, light it up and let’s go!

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See, that’s why we push it
And go faster
Tell me how to get it on
If you got the septic on the phone
We go and smoke it off to this door?

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[Verse 2: Shon La Won]
Girl I wanna smoke wit ya
You wanna smoke wit me
The first time I’m feelin out your fantasy
It’s the man in me
And the woman in you
To make us do the things we do
We got something in common
I don’t know what it is
We can be lost or we can be free
Now I did like many ladies in my day
But just like the smoke, they got blown away
Like a glass of wine, sit back and rewind
But back into time, let the feeling rewind
Now, I don’t know what it is and I don’t know what it was
But it’s DPG, me and my big cuz


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