Snoop Dogg – Whateva U Do

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Snoop Dogg – Whateva U Do

Album: Ego Trippin
Released: March 11, 2008
Label: Doggystyle Records, Geffen Records


Kids get your parents’ permission befo-fore, fore-fore, fore tryin this

[Snoop Dogg] Car full of hoes and the music gon’ bang
Everybody everybody, yeah we all doin everythang
So you know what’s happenin, ain’t no need to pitty-pat
Dogg in this motherfucker, yeah I get the kitty cat
Swervin on the 110, blowin on some purp’
One hand on the steerin wheel, the other up her mini-skirt
Tryin to get some pussy while I’m pushin my whip
Funny thing about is that I’m fuckin yo’ bitch
Okay yo, ho lay low
Get mayo, like O.J. yo, say ho
Plug it in, pull it out
Put it in, what it is, that’s what it’s all about
Now what would I be
If I let a punk motherfucker run up on me?
I play chess, checkmate him in the streets
32 feet off glass, that’s threes
Swish swish, fresh fish
Ain’t that a bitch? Like Ray J, I got +One Wish+
Look at the plates I’m in
I never fucked Superhead or Kim Kardashian
It’s a disgrace to yourself
Dogg is the champ, to the face with the belt
I’m undefeated, undisputed, persecuted
Spaded and neutered, faded and booted

[Hook] We got that chronic chronic
We got that ‘gnac ‘gnac for you
We got that chronic chronic
We got that ‘gnac ‘gnac for you
We got that chronic chronic
We got that ‘gnac ‘gnac for you
We got that chronic chronic
We got that, whatever you do

[Snoop Dogg] Put your hands in the sky
Stick up, pick a piece of American pie
What kind of car do you drive?
Suicide doors on the passenger side
Do the windows roll down? Do the doors lift high?
Do the car change colors when that bitch drift by?
I don’t really know and I don’t really care
Cause me and my money’s like Sonny & Cher
Spend dough at the Gucci sto’
I never spend dough on no coochie though (stop lyin)
You can check it, I got a record
In Brazil for runnin out and not payin a bitch (see ya)
Juvenile delinquent, see when I speak this
Move and I’ll bleep this, lil’ nigga peep this
No secret this all exposed
If you grew up on my music, your momma one of my hoes
Your daddy one of my foes
Your granny been to one of my shows
It is contrary, that my literature-y is very necessary
You feel me? And you can try to rewind it, define it
Assign it to a whole nother groove
Play it to another move, hope you go through
Cause you on strike two
With 12 jurors of your peers, you better hope they like you
Ain’t no tellin what they might do
So I’mma just stay out they motherfuckin white view
Dippin in and out of town, got to get a hundred thou’
Even if it’s just for a sit-down
I’ve been blessed by kings and kissed by queens
Even got a homie named Prince Akeem
Yes I mean, Black Diamonds, I can have anything
Yup, this 20 Gang
Even if I could’ve I would’ve, never stop
I started on the bottom now they got him on the top
Sensation – Bigg Snoop Dogg
Ranked #1 in the nation
Top draft pick, always got a top bad bitch
Every time you see me, niggas wanna be me
It ain’t that easy
It’s still hard bein Snoop D-O motherfuckin double G, believe me


“Do-do-do… whatever you do… do-do-do” {*scratched to fade*}


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