Snoop Dogg – This Weed Iz Mine

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Snoop Dogg – This Weed Iz Mine

Album: Doggumentary
Released: March 29, 2011
Label: Doggystyle Records, Priority Records


[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg] I wake up early in the morning and it feels so good
Smoking on some shit that you wish you could
Jealousy envy, please don’t feel bad
This weed is mine get your own bag
A sack full of OG under lock and key
None for the homies this is all for me
Got a blunt looking like a Cali palm tree
Police roll by I got nothing on me
Cause the smoke is already in the air
I’m rolled up with two braids in my hair
I’ll start with the kaki sweet
I’m gonna fuck around and take it back to classic Snoop
On the east side standing on the VIP
Back when my only red was me E-Y-E
You so PYT and you’re looking so fine
I’m sorry baby girl but tonight

[Hook] This weed is mine
This weed is mine
You can’t have it
This weed is mine

[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg] Get back to the episode, sacks of the chronic
Out of this world, could relax on a comet
This is church music, listen to the choir
To burn my kush you must use fire
D-O double G like never heard before
Smoking that bomb like THC4
West coast bud sea shore to sea shore
When is the last time you’ve seen a G in a G4?
Don’t worry I’ll wait
Time is ticking I’m tripping
I’m slipping away
Into the zone where these whores with the thong on
A dogg whistle and they download my ring zone
And she is hypnotized by this pimp’s poem
What I got here is mine go get your own
I put this to rhymes, get piece of mind
Oz’s to die for, this weed is mine

[Hook] This weed is mine
This weed is mine
You can’t have it
This weed is mine
This weed is mine
You can’t have it
This weed is mine

[Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa] I hear niggas talking about what they rolling up
Smell what I smoke before the bag open up
Good chance if you see me that I’m smoking one
License to get it and roll this shit
Real nigga, buying weed, I dunn sold enough
If I’m in the building it’s hard not to notice it
Hit em with ? I got some hoes to fuck
I’mma hit em with an ounce of the potent shit
Don’t trip bitch, we gon all sip & blow the whole zip
Let you hit mine, plus you could grind your own little bit
My nigga get high and let the hoes twist!
Say you don’t fuck, impressed how you rolled it
They ain’t smoking like ours
I’m rolling, I’m smoking, they burning for hours
And if it’s fine, I’m smoking the whole thing entire


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