Snoop Dogg – Tha G In Deee

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Snoop Dogg – Tha G In Deee

Album: Tha Eastsidaz
Released: February 1, 2000
Label: Doggystyle Records, TVT Records


[Intro: Snoop Dogg] Yeah man, let me holla at my nephew Tray-Deee
Nephew, I can’t believe these motherfucking stupid ass bitches man
I done told em time and time and time again
Well I guess they don’t hear me
So uh, why don’t you let me know
Matter fact let them know how you feel about these motherfucking hoes

[Tray Dee] I can’t explain how I came ‘cross the game I got
More likely from parlayin with these thangs alot
Be on the gangsters jocks, soon as they spot that you clockin
These snakes’ll plot, and then be all in your pockets
Droppin little hints ’bout they rents and bills
When you tell em you can’t help em wanna twist they grills
Like you owe em once you show em that you’re interested
When they knowin you be wantin just to hit and dig
I ain’t got shit to give, but hard dick and conversation
And talkin end, when I commit the penetration
I toss at them, if it was proper we could kick it
When we cross again, but you know ain’t no commitment
I want ya when I need ya, and that’s the procedure
I call you and fall through, strictly at leisure
And only keep ya, until you start to cost me
Then I reverse the game til ya back up off me
Kill em softly

[Hook 1: Snoop Dogg] Bitches ain’t shit, I said it before, and I say it again, Tray Deee
Bitches ain’t shit, they only fuckin with your homies
Cuz they know you got a grip
Bitches ain’t shit, I said it before, and I’ma say it again, Tray-Deee
Bitches ain’t shit, they only fuckin with your homies
Cuz they know you got a grip

[Tray Deee talking over HOOK] I done peeped these knucleheads all ?? dogg
These bitches on the gold rush
This ain’t 1849 quit that pan handling ho
This ’99, you tryin to get yours, but I need all mine
You knowhatimsayin?

[Tray Dee] I keep the energy caught her eyein me down
Back when she first started hangin around
In Long Beach got real deep on some real G sex
So you got served bitch now what’s next
I ride on the side while we slide in my broom
Old goons can’t get with the ?foon?
Naw I’m on another level, let’s get in your shit
Blowin herb while we swerve and we spend your chips
Drain me and take me to the finest spots
Out the dinin shop and buy me diamond rocks
It’s a privilege to get the dick and fuck wit me
Knowin the whole way I roll is in luxury
I’m a major type of player out for ruling the game
Every line I design is for schoolin a dame
When I approach I let ’em know it’s all money and sex
But I gotta be blessed before we make ’em connect

[Hook 2: Snoop Dogg and Tray Dee overlap] I check a bitch as quick as Goldie the mac
And keep them quarter sacks and holdin my straps
I only want what’s in the middle of they laps
And plus I hump before I get ’em for they snaps

[Tray Dee] I can’t conceive spendin cheese just to please a broad
When eventually intentions be to leave ’em all
In the minus, no matter if they the finest
Then recognize the price come with rollin with riders
You can’t expect to step up in my company
And we just fuck for free, and you not touchin me
With some fine ass why chance gettin involved
And be callin me a dogg after hittin them draws
I’m out to ball, so keep all emotions in check
And don’t be tryin to test what you’re sure to regret
Thinkin you gon be sinkin up inside my profits
Bitch you got twist but you needs to stop it
I’m cold on the hold like the frozen snow
For my dough unless we both tryin to make it grow
I think you know, my bank be mo’, than us kickin it
What’s mine is mine, but what’s yours we splittin it

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[Tray Deee over HOOK 1] I got three questions for a bitch though
Where mines at, what’s takin you so long to kick it in
And how long this gon take you to get me some more hoes
You know…


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