Snoop Dogg – Systamatic

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Snoop Dogg -Systamatic

Album: 7 Days Of Funk
Released: December 10, 2013
Label: Stones Throw Records


[Hook:] Systematic funk just for your mind
Take the time to think about your life
Cause he will soon follow the tracks and the facts of my life
It don’t matter if it’s good or it’s bad, it’s the thing of the past

[Verse 1] Making more money than you ever made
In the club with the spade, welcome to my barbershop
Come and get you faded, to me, rhyme is an art
Trading all red like diamonds and hearts
Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing, just move to the rhythm of the pre-nup
Secretly my frequency it’s frequently on freak with me
Cause I’m quick to see and might keep the heat
And go week to week and beat to beat
So viciously and this would be so visually, what classify


[Verse 2] Deep, deep funk, I’m ready for whatever, Dogg Pound, get a blunt
Cause I got the kush that’ll make you push
Push, push, me and Dam Funk, yeah
I’m here to just funk you up, it ain’t really gangsta if it ain’t’
Downtown LA where they sell tank tops and socks
Down the street where the homeless ride


[Verse 3] It’s too good to be good for all non-believers
Nothing but the funk coming out the speakers
Number one with the heater, that’s the way that’ll get you
What more can I say? Giving you this shit just like the bomb

[Hook] (x2)

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