Snoop Dogg – I Don’t Know

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Snoop Dogg – I Don’t Know

Album: Duces ‘N Trayz: The Old Fashioned Way
Released: July 31, 2001
Label: Doggystyle Records, TVT Records


[Verse One: Goldie Loc] Look baby I know you done what you had to do
I was in the red neighborhood draped in all blue
I’m tryin to scoop them little checks up
But the minute that I’m in it then you talk about hold up
Somin change man the shit feels strange
I should of never sold your ass my sixty eight ways
Ever since I scooped you up in my big black truck
I been lookin for your ass cuz a nigga wanna fuck
You know what I’m doin ain’t sippin
Cuz when you see me with my three hoes baby that’s pimpin
Is this the reason why your ass actin funny
You only bring your ass around when I’m spending my money
I was breaking my probation taking your ass places
Cuz that’s a violation. me and you conversation
Don’t have nuttin we face it
I gotta lot hoes that I can run around chasin biatch

Hook: [Soopafly] & {Latoiya Williams}
Girl I don’t know what you done done
But it’s not feeling good to me {not feeling good to me}
I wouldn’t of done what you let me do
You brought out the freak in me {brought out the freak in me}

Boy I don’t think that you really know how much you mean to me
[How much you mean to me] Had to walk away and let you go
Cuz you brought out the freak in me [you brought out the freak in me]

[Verse Two: Tray Deee] I use the move with the nest spittin jewls at the best
She a thug but don’t come with that rude disrespect
I got game but not playin sportsment like
You only did against me if mama tought you right ooh
So what cah hair wet nails dipped in all
You gone say Tray Deee Tray Deee take the penitentry fall
No don’t ask me yet i rather let the time reveal
If you object just a sex being mind fo real
Can you relate give me space until its time to chill
You know I put it down and make it how you like to feel
You be another sucka you could floss and toss
It ain’t the cost just the fact that I’m a mackin boss
I like to dig you out but I don’t dig you mouth
So usually ??? hit the ribs and back
Don’t hate the gangsta baby cuz I’ll call you soon
Don’t sleep too late check out ime is noon

Hook: Soopafly & Latoiya Williams

[Verse Three: Suga Free] Naw uh-uh wait, see Snoop what home girl on the chorus say?
Got turned out and wanna walk away pshh
I’ll let that happen when you stop rapping and Richard Pryor starts talking today
See life is like a piñata, baby go hit it
But don’t be suprised if it jumped out took the stick from yo ass and starting whoopin’ yo ass with it
And how much I mean to you? I don’t care
Trick especially if you lacking la-da-da-da I don’t care
And your where-abouts, sucks teeth
Please! Ain’t a bone in my body that’ll prolly allow me to attempt to pretend that you something that I care about
And if it was left up to me you would be walking away getting me some money, Not walking without no guidance doing it free
Like Constance’s friend Who dat?
Oh, you know baby grandma stay right across the street from the church around the corner from Ms. Johnson and them
(Oh you mean glee ba-da-da shabba da ho)
Nice and easy, and if there’s a cure for this I don’t want it


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