Snoop Dogg – High Wit Me

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Snoop Dogg – High Wit Me

Album: 7 Days Of Funk
Released: December 10, 2013
Label: Stones Throw Records



Yeah Yeah
Eyo Dâm, let me take ’em high real quick, real high

I wanna get high wit’ you, I wanna get high wit’ you, I wanna get high wit’ you, if that’s what you want me to, now blaze up
I wanna get high wit’ you, I’m gonna get high wit’ you, I wanna get high wit’ you, if that’s what you want me to, so blaze up

Roll one, pass it around, puff puff pass, till it come back, baby this dogg pound, i found my neck with my nephew Dâm, simple and plain, so put the blunt to the flame, easy now, light that bleazy, *pow*, the whole roomie go for smoke, take a quick flicc’ with my kinfo, and now i am so gone of dope, feelin’ fly, don’t ask me why, just roll to the rhytm of my lullaby, mama i, can’t stop, and i won’t get up in the morning with a stretch and some yawnin’, headin to my throne, starts my day off, i gotta get the pay off, homie stay off my grass, high for you, and i’mma do what I’m sposed to if you want me to


Green trees, blue skies, full moons, and cherry pies, baseball games and barbeques, and all the little things that we love to do, the party dont start till the quarter to two, and baby gon’ do what I want her to, all crondo, indo combo, oh yes thats the all kush combo, I need the weed man, pronto, I need it so bad, ’bout to black out, pull a pack out, now I’m in the strip club gettin’ my known, ’bout to pull a whole rack out, Oh Boy!
I’ll be the real McCoy, shootin’ my shop like a rhinestone cowboy, up, up and away, puff, puff and amaze, in the days, is blunts and jays

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