Snoop Dogg Feat. EV3 – Ubelievable

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Snoop Dogg Feat. EV3 – Ubelievable

Album: Bible Of Love
Released: March 16, 2018
Label: RCA Records, All The Time Entertainment



[Verse 1]
You are, like a gentle breeze
And the thought of You takes me
Back down memory lane
Lord, I remember what You did for me
You sacrificed for me
You gave Your life for me

It’s really unbelievable that You love me so much
It’s really incredible how I’m healed by Your touch
In spite of my flaws
You answer my calls
It’s really unbelievable that Ya…
You’re so incredible

[Verse 2]
You kept me alive (yes You did)
In spite of my sin
Brought me so very far
From where I started
Even before I was born
You made me to win
Lord, I think it’s incredible
Jesus, You are incredible


Unbelievable (yeah)
Phenomenal (yeah)
Inconceivable (yeah)
Indescribable (yeah)
Incredible (yeah)
That’s what You are to me
You’re wonderful (yeah)
Remarkable (yeah)
You’re Magnificent (yeah)
Glorious (yeah)
Incredible (yeah)
That’s what You are to me (that’s what You are to me)
Ooooh yeah

[Harmonica Solo]

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Lord, You are (You are)
Everything (You’re my everything)
If it wasn’t for Your love
Where would I be? (I would be nothing)
My life would be nothing
So incomplete (If it wasn’t)
If it wasn’t for Your love


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