New: A List Of 100 Unheard Tupac Songs For All Fans

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Despite not being with us for nearly 25 years now, the life, legacy, and death of the great artist Tupac Shakur continue to be a constant topic of debate for his supporters, former colleagues, etc. No one can really oppose Shakur’s stunning influence over not only the hip-hop and rap scene but as well over the lives of millions of people around the world. Of course, his persona is so popular even today for another reason as well – there are still so many questions surrounding it. One of them is linked to the dozens of unheard songs that the legend managed to record before his untimely death.

It’s commonly known that Tupac’s genuine musical career only ever lasted for 5 years, which is incredibly short in comparison to those of numerous other legends of the music industry. Upon dissecting those 5 years we can further shorten that timescale to roughly 4 years, since, as we well know, Pac did spend nearly a year in prison in 1995. All that didn’t however discourage his amazing talent or prevent him from recording a supposed to be 700 tracks. What’s even more fascinating is that the bulk of those songs were recorded after Shakur got out of jail on October 12, 1995, up until being shot dead on the 7th of September 1996.

Many, who were around Tupac in that period, recall him as a genuine workaholic, claiming that the rapper would often go on to record as many as 3 songs a day. It’s almost as if he knew he had to hurry up because his time was running out. His workmanlike attitude was reflected also in a specific criteria Shakur set out to any fellow rapper, who wanted to make a collaboration track with Pac. The fallen legend made it feel like a race and whoever didn’t manage to record his verse in the time Shakur had recorded his own parts of the song, would be abolished from the project.

Now, years after his death, the names of unheard songs continue to come out, some of which have been confirmed by the Bomb1st forum administrator. Most of the songs were recorded by Pac between 1991 and 1994.

List Of 100 Unheard Tupac Songs

20 Drunken Styles
3 E40 & 2Pac tracks
6 Or 12
Ashes 2 Ashes
Basket Case
Bed Time Storiez
Black Starry Night (Alternate)
Blunt Tyme
Breakin’ Thru
Broken Branches
Brothaz ‘N Armz (with Thoroheadz)
Bury Me A G (Alternate Recording)
Can’t Touch This Part II
Changes (with Mouse Man)
Cheese (2Pac Version)
Cop Killer
Criminal Tymez
Crooked With The Crown
Danny Boy ft. 2Pac (Fly Fo Life Beat)
Death Around The Corner (Different Lyrics)
Death B4 Dishonor
Death Scream
Don’t Leave
Don’t Make Enemies (’96 Death Row)
Fade Me (Storm Verse)
Fuck The World (Alt. Recording 1, Circa ’93)
Fuck The World (Alt. Recording 2, Circa ’94)
Ghetto Gospel (MTV Version, with Kidz)
Ghetto Gospel (with Jesse)
Ghost (OG)
Green Eggs And Ham
Hard On A Nigga (’94 Full Outro)
Here We Go
How Ya Livin’ (High)
If I Wasn’t High
In God’s Eyez
It Ain’t Easy
It Ain’t Necessarily So
Just Like Me (’94)
Kick Back, Smoke A Joint
Last Laff
Leave Us Kidz Alone
Love Ya Future
Lovely Daze
Make No Mistake
Married 2 The MOB
Mash On ‘Em
Me Against The World (Alt. Recording)
Mr. Middle Finger
My Babiez Mama
My Suicide Note
Neva Surrenda
Niggaz Dyin’ Iz Killin’ Me
Niggaz Iz Like (’96 with Snoop Dogg)
Nothing Like Niggaz (’94)
Nothing To Lose (Bass Guitar Version)
Nothing To Lose (Mr. Middle Finger Version)
Nothing To Lose (Radio Version)
Old School (Alt. Recording)
Outta Richtown
Papa’z Song (Reference For Kidz)
Play Ya Cardz Right (Faith Evans)
Point The Finga (Alternate Lyrics)
Purple Grand Slam
R U Still Down? (Shock G Version with Stretch Intro)
Scared Straight (Earlier Version)
Sista’s Song
Sistaz Got To Have It
Something 2 Die 4 (Alternate Lyrics)
Static (Alternate)
Still I Rise (’94)
Smile (AEOM Version)
Str8 Out Of Richtown
Street Life
Sucka 4 Luv (Part II, Death Row)
The Power Of A Woman
The Streetz Got Ya Babiez
The World Is Mine
This One Is 4 The Suckaz
Thug 4 Life (Stretch Verse)
Thugz Get Lonely Too (First Recording Prod. Live Squad)
Thugz Get Recording (Alt. Recording III [not ’95 DR DAT version])
Thugz Theme
Too Tight/It’s Tight
Trapped (’92 Remix, Re-Recorded Verses)
Trapped (Ray Luv Recording)
Unused Death Row Era Diss Adlibs
Uppercut OG (Stretch Vocals)
Wanna G
Who Do Ya Luv (Alt. Recording)
Who Do Ya Luv (Biggie Verse)
Wycked And The Mouse Man
XYZ (Refrence for Kidz)
Young Black Male (Unheard/OG Version)

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