2Pac’s Full Songs List / Database

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The most extensive Tupac songs list on the Internet, including all available tracks (Originals / Demos, Alternates & Official Mixes) and producers as well as the year of recording and other details.

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wdt_ID Title Length Artist(s) Format Bitrate Intro Hook Outro Producer(s) Date Recorded Sample(s) Recorded For Notes
1#1 With A Bullet03:39:00Raw Fusion (feat. 2pac)WAV1411kbpsNoYesNoRaw Fusion1991N/AN/A
2(Why'd U Slang Crack) I Had 2 (Big D Remix)03:19:002pacWAV1411kbpsNoYesNoBig D The Impossible (Deon Evans)N/AN/AN/A
316 on Death Row05:42:002pacWAV1411kbpsYesYesYes2pac, We Got Kidz Productions1992N/AN/A
416 on Death Row (Original Version A Cappella)05:39:002pac (feat. Cool Russell)MP3320kbpsYesYesYes2pac1992N/AN/A
516 on Death Row (Original Version Rip 1)04:54:002pac (feat. Cool Russell)WAV2304kbpsYesYesNo2pac1992N/AN/ADat Rip
616 on Death Row (Original Version Rip 2)04:54:002pac (feat. Cool Russell)WAV2117kbpsYesYesNo2pac1992N/AN/A
716 On Death Row (Original Version Rip 3)05:04:002pac (feat. Cool Russell)WAV1411kbpsYesYesNoBig D The Impossible (Deon Evans)N/AN/AN/A
82 My Unborn (Johnny J Remix)04:37:002pacAIF1411kbpsYesYesYesJohnny "J" JacksonN/AN/AN/A
92 My Unborn (Original Version 1 Rip 1)04:56:002pac (feat. Natasha Walker)AIF1411kbpsYesYesYesJohnny "J" Jackson11/27/1995Zapp & Roger - Do It RogerAll Eyez On Me/The Supreme Euthanasia/When I Get Free
102 My Unborn (Original Version 1 Rip 2)04:52:002pac (feat. Natasha Walker)MP3128kbpsYesYesYesJohnny "J" Jackson11/27/1995Zapp & Roger - Do It RogerAll Eyez On Me/The Supreme Euthanasia/When I Get FreeLeaked by Omar 4-12-16
TitleLengthArtist(s)FormatBitrateIntroHookOutroProducer(s)Date RecordedSample(s)Recorded ForNotes

The list is provided by courtesy of Crizzo.

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