Macadoshis of ”Thug Life” Interview

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Onealien: Hello
Mac: Yeah
Onealien: Macadoshis
Mac: wats up dude?
Onealien: Wat up man, this is onealien from
Mac: Aight, wat it do …
Onealien: Ey, appreciate ya time bro..we uh, we uh, went all across the world, all across the internet and uh had a lot of fans that put together some questions, you ready to hit it?
Mac: Aiight lets get it in…

Why Thug Life broke up:
Onealien: aiight lets do this, tell me something, why did the members of Thug Life break up?
Mac: Why did the members of Thug Life break up?
Onealien: yeah
Mac: Well, you know, to be honest with you we never really broke up dog, you know everybody just basically started doing their own shit. It wasn’t ever like fuck that we aint gunna be a group no more. Or nothing like that, that was never said. I ended up going to jail for a minute, I had to sit down for about 2 class years. Rated R….some people do know, he got a life sentence for murder.
Onealien: Yeah, Yeah
Mac: It was like different circumstances that happened that kinda disbanded the group, know what I mean?
Onealien: Just kinda hard stuff happened right?
Mac: Yeah, but you know to be real homie, we gunna always be Thug Life. We gunna always…you know whenever we get a chance like we just finished, oh uh, you know last year you know the outlawz came out to LA we did a show in long beach it was me and the outlawz and you know so we represented Thug Life and the outlawz and Pac. You know what I mean? So, when we get a chance we probably give big syke a call and you know and the outlawz and probably do it again and put something out for Pac, feel me?
Onealien: Yeah, Yeah, Thug Life for Life!
Mac: Thug Life for life homie.

Onealien: Speaking of Rated R, you talk to him at all?
Mac: I haven’t talked to him in a long time bro, but you kno that’s still my little homie so I got a lot of love for him, you kno? And I want to shout him out, shout out Rated R, you kno, free Rated R, and you kno tell my homie to hold his head you kno, and all we can do right now is pray for homie, feel me?

Onealien: Word up, word up, how bout uh mopreme?
Mac: Yeah, mo good, you know I haven’t talked to mo in a while. You know I had a tragedy in my life a couple of years ago on Feb 3rd. This passing made 2 yrs that um, you know my son passed away, my oldest son. You know he was going to Cal State Northridge studying film and had a 3.5 grade point average all that doing real good man, mentoring kids and basically playing basketball on campus as forward and his heart stopped out of the blue. Know what I mean? Never had any type of a symptoms or nothing like that. So the last time I seen Mo actually was like 2 yrs ago at my sons funeral. I haven’t really seen him since then, you kno, we aint really talked to0 much but that’s still my homie.

Macadoshis the family man:
Onealien: Yeah, sorry to hear about that man, RIP. So I kno you a family man, you still married.
Mac: Say that again?
Onealien: I said I know you a family man, what family you got? You still married?
Mac: Oh yeah, Im still married, no doubt. Shout out to my wife….you know she still be holding me down through the years, you feel me? I still got 2 sons left, all my sons, all my kids is from my wife. I wasn’t really big about spreading my kids around, know at I mean? At least that’s all I kno about…haha
Shit, I got my oldest son now that’s 20, that’s Dede, peace out to Dede. And my baby boy is 5 yrs old his name is Deon we call him bookie.
Mac: oh I wanna shout out my son though RIP, his name is Dyron, you know he was named after me. That’s little Dyron, also known as Man, you know, so shout out to Man #21…feel me?

Onealien: Word up, yeah, for real for real. Ey they asking what up with your myspace, they aint seen you on there in a while.
Mac: Yeah, imma be real dog I be in the streets so tuff, I just be grindin and shit you know old school style in the streets n shit, get my money…I got a tshirt line that im moving right now called Hustle 24/7 pushin those shirts n shit out here in the streets, I got um…I sell indian hair as well. You know I always gotta hustle, even before this rappin shit popped off you know I was doin my thing, you kno a lot of shit has been said but you can read between the lines I was always out in the streets kickin it…you feel me?
Im still kickin it, but im just kickin more legitimate way, you feel me?
So I aint got much time to really be fuckin with that computer, even tho I know that’s another outlet to network and get shit poppin, I been tryna get all this you know as much as I can but you know a lot of time Im in the streets just getting it like that.

Macadoshis on THE OUTLAWZ:
Onealien: Ok, ok, ok…ey as we all know Thug Life and Pac and the Outlaws, how you feel like the Outlaws have represented Tupac’s Legacy moving forward?
Mac: Well you know I feel like the little homies is out there doin they thing, you know, they know pac.
The thing pac left us with a legacy, and he left us with a million dollar game you know to keep moving this and I feel like they doin their thing, they out there doin it the best way they know how. So shout out to the Outlawz. To all my lil niggas, you know I seen them little dudes grow up since they was yungstas you feel me? So shout out to all of them, feel me?

Macadoshis on the rap game:
Onealien: ey tell me man, cuz u been in the game a long time so what are some of the main challenges in the hip hop music industry that they gotta keep a look out for?
Mac: ok, yeah right, ok. Shit basically, first and forrmost they should have their business right. They should have a good lawyer on their team. So when they step into the game they don’t get fucked off, cuz a lot of people will step to them and wanna take all their royalties and stuff like that and take all their publishing and stuff like that just to get them to sign. They gotta make sure they got a lawyer first and foremost, make sure their business is tight. Second I would say look for like, I mean the haters are gunna be there, you cant really avoid that. But there is gunna be a lot of mofo that wanna play like they your homies and they are down for you. I would just say really try to keep the circle small. Like I got a saying called my trues come in two’s. So the true people who got love for me and that really is looking out for Macadoshis best interest, is only a few of them, and those are the people I keep close to me, feel me?

Macadoshis – How I met Tupac: the birth of THUG LIFE
Onealien: Do you remember when you first met Tupac?
Mac: Ohh yeah most definitely, I’ll never forget that day man. For me that was like a dream come true. It was a surprise cuz like me and my boy Rated R, we was a group before we met Pac. We was a group called Double Jeopardy. That was our group…. We was like local talent here in LA, you know rockin little clubs here and there. But you know we was both fuckin with Coolio, at the time and Coolio was tryna get us a deal and shit like that. So one day, um, we was leaving a radio station and these ballers was like come meet these cats at the hotel up here by the comedy store in Hollywood, I got a surprise. So we shot up there and shit, long story short, we got to the door. Once we got to the door, knock on the door, and my boy Treach from Naughty by Nature opened up the door! So we was like Oh wow, this is fuckin Treach. Yeah but Treach is hella cool tho, shout out to Treach from Naughty by Nature too. You know Treach is always cool dude, like when we first met him, he embraced us like long lost brothers man, he aint ever seen us in his life. But he just snatched us up and gave us hugs and shit and pounds like he been knowing us all his life. So he was a real cool dude, like he welcomed us in real cool like so I could tell right there it was gunna be tight, know wat I mean?
So yeah, we fell into the room n shit, you know, and walked up in the room and we look around and some bad little bitches sittin up in there on the bed n shit and we like ok, they got all kinda drinks on the table and smell the weed smoke in the air and we turn around and look to the side and who is it? It’s fuckin TUPAC! It’s like wow, what the fuck, we in the room. I mean it was like surreal, know what I mean? I just look back at it now and I’m like damn, just imagine being a young artist, a young rapper out the hood trna get on with it. Finding yourself in a room with Treach from Naughty By Nature, Coolio, and Tupac. It was just favor. You can tell that was the time to shine, if you was ever going to try to shine that was it.
Onealien: That was the moment?
Mac: That was the moment. Everything happens for a reason. So God was shining on us that day when he had us in that circle amongst those great guys right there.
So long story short we got to smoking n shit and drinking and kickin and choppin it up. So I kinda kicked it off, I was like treach you aint got no instrumentals up in here? And my boy Treach was like what instrumentals? So Treach went and grab some cd’s, as a matter of fact it wasn’t even cd’s back then, it was tapes n shit! He grabbed a fuckin cassette tape and it was like 19Naughty2, um the instrumentals form that album. He popped that on and we just started spittin, it was like we got in a circle and got a little cypher going and we was spittin…And whenever I tell this story I always gotta say it like this man, I aint lieing, I always been a pretty good freestyler but like THIS day it seemed like every fuckin word, every line, every, everything I said was poppin, it was just on point. And same for Rated R. And so they was trippin of us like damn. By the time it was over Treach was steppin to us like man who ya’ll fuckin with? Like ya’ll aint on right now? And we was like naw, we just tryna get on. And he was like shit man imma do what i got to do to help you make, help ya’ll get out there. So we exchanged numbers and all that…And he told the dude Vinnie from next door to bring some shirts and all that. So it was about time to bounce tho. So we getting ready to leave and we give everybody dap this and that.

We get in the elevator, soon as we get in the elevator my boy Rated R comes out of his pocket like look. Showed me a piece of paper it was Tupac and a note on their like ya’ll call me tomorrow. It was crazy like Pac slid him the number on the sly, know what I mean. Treach was upfront with it like he saw something, but Pac was just Pac and just slid him the number and was like ya’ll call me tomorrow. So we end up calling him the next day. Actually we had met him on that Friday, Saturday we called Pac, he invited us out to his house. He had a house out here in the valley and we went out there and chilled with him at his house, smoked big weed n shit and we was choppin it up and he was telling us about a group he wanted to start called THUG LIFE and you know if we was down we could be in it and shit. And of course we was like HELL YEAH! This how fast the shit happened tho dog, met him on Friday, that Saturday we went out and chilled with him at his house, he told us about THUG LIFE. We said yeah we want to roll with it. That Sunday…then he was like well I’m doin a show in San Diego tomorrow (Sunday), if ya’ll wanna roll ya’ll can roll you know ya’ll cant rap or nuttin like that but you know, ya’ll can be on stage n shit. So we was like hell yeah we wit it. So we met him on a Friday, that Saturday we went and chilled wit him at his house, that Sunday we was in San Diego with him doing the show, and that Monday we was in the studio recording our first record! That’s how that shit happened dog.

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Onealien: Damn, just like that, just like that! He was a visionary, when he caught on to something it was a done deal.
Mac: you know I thank God for that day man, know wat I mean? Because Pac was always a real dude, you know what I mean, like from day 1 I gotta say that he was a real dude, he was an honest dude, he was always a man of his word, everything he told us what he was gunna do he did it. I just, I solute ma dog…without him I don’t even think I’d be where I’m at right now in the game as far as in the spot game. Because I got a lot of respect out here.

Mac: so on the strength right before I met Pac I had a lot of love out here where I’m from but you know just as far as around the world and being a part of something…you know, especially to be saying I was a part of THUG LIFE, you know what I’m saying?

Onealien: Yeah, yeah, yeah….
Mac: s***, I had to put the phone down, the fuzz was rollin in front of me, you know what I’m talking about?

Onealien: HAHA…cant be on them phones in Cali huh?
Mac: yeah, you know we get major muthafkin tickets up in this muthafka, talking on the phone n s***. But uh, you know like I said it was definitely something special to be a part of and still special to be a part of cuz that’s something that I can take to ma grave you know not like too many people. like I always say this too like I appreciate it so much cuz it’s like out of a million people that just wanted to meet Pac shake his hand get an autograph or whatever. So God picked me to make an album with this dude, to travel with this dude, you know kick wit him, damn near live with him. Know what I mean, like it was different cuz we used to just kick it like dude used to come right up in the hood and chill wit me, we used to lift weights n s*** together. You know he used to chill with my kids n s***, my wife, my sisters, my brothers, anybody, you know what I mean?

Why Tupac joined Death Row:

Onealien: What’s your opinion on when Pac joined Death Row Records?
Mac: I always went on record sayin I didn’t real like, uh, feel like he shoulda f***** with that. Because I knew there was a lot of drama going on over there at that label at that time. I wish he wouldn’t have ever f***** with it to be honest, that’s always been my statement and opinion about it. My main reason is because he had Out the Gutta Records. And Out the Gutta Records, that’s your own label so why you going to go slide to another label when you got your own label. But I know he had his reasons why cuz really at the time all these mofo’s too…this what get me hot too when I think about it, all these mofo’s that say they had love for Pac and you know, was down for Pac, I mean these muthafuka’s had millions. Like actors and other rappers n s*** like that but when my n**** needed to get bailed out didn’t nobody come to his rescue but Suge Night. So he was kind to him, but he was in debt to that dude to sign to Death Row. That was part of the deal of him getting out of f***** jail.

Onealien: Yeah, yeah, that real…that’s real.
Mac: So understand tho on some real thought, if somebody else would have stepped up and put some money up to get that n**** out I guarantee you he would not have signed to Death Row.

Death of a Legend:

Onealien: For real, for real…that makes sense, yeah. Ey Mac, tell me something about you know the past 15 years or so, you know RIP Tupac. But you got a lot of alive believers, people talking about conspiracy, and he’s in hiding, and went off to do other stuff…as someone who really was with him and walked with him, whats your whole opinion on all that?
Mac: my theory on it is that It was bigger than what it was. I don’t know man I just feel like muthafukas wanted to see Pac out of the way. I really feel like n***** is just, just um, he got into and some n***** smoked him and s***. I just feel like..and then especially for Biggie to get popped right after that, see that’s when the whole east coast, west coast thing was poppin off. I’m like this, if the government wants you erased its just a done deal, you gunna be gone, you feel me? Them movies and s*** the bourne identity and all that s***, that s*** is real, that s*** goes down every day, you know what I mean? They will have some mofo sitting right outside in the bushes waiting for you and knock you right off, you know, quick! So you know, I feel like it was a hit, you know what I mean, they definitely was plotting to get ma dude, they wanted him out the way. Because Pac, one thing about Pac, and everybody who know my dude know this, the world should know this…Pac was the most influential rapper EVER in history! He had the power to f***** move the masses. And I mean not only white, I mean not only black, but black, white, Mexican, Asian, any f***** culture or nationality had love for Pac cuz he knew how to identify with everybody.

Onealien: Word..word up, word up…
Mac: So with that said, I feel like if you too powerful like Malcolm X, and MLK, and just all types of fellas like that, you know Bob Marley, and just all types of dudes like that then people will erase you. Well I didn’t really mean to put Bob in there like that. But its just like if you got too much power or the government feel like you can get some s*** started then they gunna try to get rid of you before you can get some s*** started, feel me? So that’s how I feel about that man. That’s my theory on that, it was definitely a hit and they definitely wanted to get my dude out the way.

America’s Black President:

Onealien: Ey man, let’s move to today’s times…what you feel about the United States having a black president?
Mac: Oh, I mean you know, s*** its about time. Its like we helped build this mofo so its only right. And that’s a true blessing cuz to be honest honest, I didn’t never think that s*** was gunna happen. They always told us we could be president you know when we was kids but I didn’t ever really believe that s*** man because I know how f***** racist this country is and that it was built on a white man and this and that. I didn’t ever think they would let it happen, but it goes to show that with time come change so that’s a good thing. I’m glad I was able to see it in my days.

Mac’s All-time Favorite Rapper:

Onealien: Tell me something, still keeping it with today who’s your favorite rapper? Who’s putting it down right now? Who you got in your CD changer today?
Mac: Who’s my favorite rapper all time?

Onealien: all time and then who today, like the new generation rappers?
Mac: ok well my favorite rapper all time, and this is a funny a** story cuz its real stuff. My favorite rapper all times, I would have to give it to my dog SCARFACE! Ol Scarface man, I always dug that dude man. Like to me, face always spit from the heart s*** that he was so raw with the way he got down wit it. But I remember being on tour with Pac and s*** and we was on the tour bus and I had this f***** scarface cd and I used to bang that s*** like every day like all the day I’d be playing that s*** on the bus. And I remember one day Pac was like “damn n**** why don’t you put something else on that’s all you play and stuff, dang”. And I’m like YEAH N**** that’s all I like! And I just turned the s*** up..HAHA. And I remember that s*** was funny as hell. Yeah, I’ll never forget that s***. So, but yeah that’s funny how Pac ended up doing a song with my n**** too. That was found from me, know what I mean?

But as far as the rappers right now, you know there’s a few cats out there that I’m digging you know, s*** uhh, I like young jeezy, jeezy doin his thing. I like n***** that rap about getting money, cuz I’m a hustler so I like to hear that s*** when im out grinding in the streets. That s*** be motivating me to get my money.
Onealine: that’s right, motivation!


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