Dexter Isaac – The Truth Behind The Man Who Shot Tupac in 1994

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The man who shot Tupac in 1994, Dexter Isaac, went into detail about his early life and how he, later on, received a life-sentence in 1998. Isaac, who admitted to shooting and robbing Tupac, gave an exclusive interview on “The 313 Live Show” Youtube channel after more than 20 years spent in prison.

Isaac came out and admitted to shooting on the great rapper in 1994. Dexter clarified that he decided to do so amidst the many accusations against him, singled out by Jimmy Henchman. The prisoner’s aim is merely to clarify to society the entire situation, surrounding Tupac and Biggie Smalls’ deaths.

Dexter Isaac: Biggie got blamed for something he didn’t do

Isaac starter off by talking about the 2 autobiographic books he wrote in recent years – “From Fiends to Enemies” and “Enemies amongst us”. Isaac spoke a bit about the content of the books as well as the reasoning behind him coming down to write them. He reveals that the books aren’t entirely related to the topic of the life of Biggie and Shakur, but they do reveal the entire truth about the reason behind both rappers’ untimely deaths. Isaac spook about his wish to clear his name and showcase the actual culprits behind the assaults on two of rap’s biggest icons – one of them being non-other than Jimmy Henchman. Isaac said that he wanted to shed some light on the truth because he believes Biggie is being unjustly blamed for the death of Tupac, whilst having nothing to do with it. Both books are available on Amazon.

Dexter explained that coming to the USA as a youngster, he was on the receiving end of vile racism. Interestingly enough, however, he points his finger towards black Americans who didn’t get on well with the fact that Isaac was a foreigner to the country. Isaac confirmed that the abuse he received triggered him to become more aggressive in his means of protecting himself, which might have led to the youngster getting involved in some dirty activities in Brooklyn.

Dexter Isaac

The custodian recalls his cousins on his stepfather’s side giving him his first gun and showing him how to use it. Isaac would consequently start robbing to survive, all of this happening in the early 70s. The aggressive tactic clearly had worked as Dexter points out himself, stating that the black Americans started to slowly but surely show their respect for him, as he was able to assert his authority.

Jimmy Henchman
Jimmy Henchman

Dexter Isaac seems like a man of many interesting stories. The interview, unfortunately, cuts short here, but you can still hear the rest of it on “The Real Whirl” Youtube channel.  

Who is Jimmy Henchman?

Who is Dexter Isaac?

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