1983 – Legs Comes To Live With The Shakur family

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Tupac claimed that Legs was his father, and Legs came to live with the family in the early 1980s and introduced Afeni to crack. Legs got into prison and by the time he was out, Afeni, tired of the hard times in New York, had moved her family to Baltimore.

By the time she called back to New York to let Legs know about her move, he died from a crackinduced heart attack at 41. Tupac took that very hard, because Legs was like a father for him and he thought that a mother couldn’t teach a son how to be a man.

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Chris hill
Chris hill
June 23, 2023 6:05 am

I love pac I’m 44 now i Remember the day he died i shed a tear for that man he was a poet a revaluationairy and i wonder what would of happened if he was still here its sad to say but the greats all ways die young you live on though your mother and all the good work she did and though your music your missed

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