Lance Rivera Claims The Notorious B.I.G Shed Tears After Hearing “Hit ‘Em Up”

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The beef between Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. managed to produce some absolutely classic rap tracks, which will probably live in the hearts of supporters of the two legends for generations ahead. Things became even more ferocious after Pac survived being gunned down 5 times in the lobby of a New York recording studio. That was precisely the moment that brought to life one of the best if not the best diss song of all time – ”Hit ’Em Up”.

The topic continues to be discussed to this day. In a recent interview with DJ Vlad, Lance Rivera revealed the shock on the face and in the heart of Biggie when he first heard the track. The former producer and actor was part of B.I.G’s entourage during the shooting of a video when the song was played, much to the surprise of everyone at sight.

Rivera, also known as “Un”, called for an immediate response. He remembers suggesting they shoot a video and a diss track of their own on the next day but none of that ever materialized. Lance recalls that Biggie was so shaken, he refused to do anything, saying a response wouldn’t be produced. Some would probably describe it as a sign of weakness but the devastation of the legend was understandable.

The hardest part for Biggie to handle most definitely was Pac’s claim within the track that he had slept with Big’s wife at the time – Faith Evans. “Un” went on to confirm that a puddle of tears would follow from Biggie’s eyes, who was visibly distraught after hearing that part of the lyrics. The late rapper would even threaten others in his entourage to cut ties with them if any response was blasted against Tupac. We can imagine just how hard it was for the B.I.G. to take.

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