Lady Of Rage Details Disagreements With Tupac. ”He was like a machine!”

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Former Death Row Records artist, Lady of Rage, sat down with VladTv where she discussed Tupac’s first months on Death Row.

The interview with Lady of Rage originally aired in early 2012, twenty-one years after Dr Dre discovered her. Often referred to as the first lady of Death Row, Lady of Rage flow and hardcore lyrics earned her a place on the Death Row roster. She appeared on hip-hop classics such as The Chronic and Doggystyle. Her debut album, Necessary Roughness, peaking at seventh on the Billboard album chart.

In this flashback clip, she openly speaks about having disagreements with Tupac when he first signed. She describes the affect of Tupac on Death Row as friction to start off with. This is down to ‘Pac’s strong beliefs on who wronged him in his past. With Lady of Rage not sharing the same thoughts, it caused for her and ‘Pac not to see eye to eye to start off with. Although they did smooth things over, it was towards the time Tupac was working on the One Nation project.

Tupac, a workhorse in the studio, was constantly writing and recording. This didn’t go unnoticed by Lady of Rage.

Speaking on his work ethic, she said;

“He was a burst of energy. His energy and his work ethic. The way he’d get in the studio and be in there all day and night. He’d come out with ten, twelve songs! He was like a machine!”

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