Eloise Garland - Tupac's Grandmother

Eloise Marie Barnes Garland was born on January 06, 1930 in Florida, US. Eloise Garland is the mother of William “Billy” Garland (Tupac’s Biological Father) and Tupac’s grandmother.

Eloise Garland – Tupac’s Grandmother

Biological family tree by father’s line of Tupac: 

Father: William “Billy” Garland
Grandmother: Eloise Marie Barnes Garland
Grandfather: William (Cab) Garland
Uncle: Howard Brock and Douglas Gregory
Aunt: Pamela Carnell

Eloise Garland – Tupac’s Grandmother

Eloise Marie Barnes Garland died at a very early age. She was only 26 years old.

Jan. 6, 1930 – Apr. 23, 1956