Eloise Garland – Tupac’s Grandmother

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Eloise Marie Barnes Garland was born on January 06, 1930 in Florida, US. Eloise Garland is the mother of William “Billy” Garland (Tupac’s Biological Father) and Tupac’s grandmother.

Eloise Garland – Tupac’s Grandmother

Biological family tree by father’s line of Tupac: 

Father: William “Billy” Garland
Grandmother: Eloise Marie Barnes Garland
Grandfather: William (Cab) Garland
Uncle: Howard Brock and Douglas Gregory
Aunt: Pamela Carnell

Eloise Garland – Tupac’s Grandmother

Eloise Marie Barnes Garland died at a very early age. She was only 26 years old.

Jan. 6, 1930 – Apr. 23, 1956

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