Darryl Harper: 2Pac Took Snoop Dogg’s Spot on Death Row Records, There Was Tension All Around The Company

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Former Death Row Records producer, Darryl Harper, shed some insight on the way he became part of the company, as well as going into detail about some of the relationships between the stars within Death Row. Harper believes Snoop Dogg didn’t quite realize that he would soon have to play second fiddle to Pac, upon talking up to Suge Knight to get the fallen legend on the music company’s books.

The ex-producer says that Tupac wouldn’t allow being the №2 artist, within the company and would quickly solidify his spot, overtaking Snoop as the main man. Notably, that was a major shock for Dogg, who was one of the establishers of Death Row. Amid growing tension within, Harper recalls hearing Suge Knight begs Pac to be fully respectful towards Snoop, regardless of Shakur’s success.

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