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Shock-G Found Dead in a Hotel Room in Tampa

Shock-G Found Dead in a Hotel Room in Tampa
Shock-G Found Dead in a Hotel Room in Tampa

The world of rap will have to deal with yet another blow after news emerged that Shock-G was found dead in a hotel room in Tampa on the 22nd of April. The news was confirmed by his father Edward Racker. Gregory Edward Jacobs, known as Shock G, the former member of the group Digital Underground was only 57-years old and his death comes only 2 weeks after another legend passed away – DMX. The cause of his untimely death is still uncertain since there were no obvious signs of violence. The authorities confirmed that an autopsy will be carried out.

Shock-G was not only well known for his work with Digital Underground, but he also earned plaudits for his producer work with non-other than Tupac himself. Interestingly enough, it was exactly Shock-G who introduced Shakur to the hip-hop scene, producing his very first album – “2Pacalypse Now”.

The album’s second single, “The Humpty Dance,” found huge commercial success, reaching No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song’s music video also featured a young Tupac Shakur, who would go on to make his recording debut on Digital Underground’s 1991 single “Same Song.”

Most of you probably remember Shock from the music video of one of Digital Underground’s most famous songs – “The Humpty Dance”. G was the lead singer for the group and in the catchy video itself he gets into the role of his alter ego – “Humpty Hump”.

Shock was born and raised on the East Coast, but eventually moved to Oakland, where later in the 80’s he’d be one of the founding members of Digital Underground, along with Kenneth Water and Chopmaster J. Tupac isn’t the only legendary artist Shock collaborated with, however, as he also did some producers work for the likes of Dr. Dre, Prince and many more. Not a bad list of greats, with whom he worked with.

Shock G

Details over the reason for Shock’s death will be announced over the next few days, but one thing is certain – rap music has lost yet another icon. RIP.

DMX: ”I’m not the next Pac, I’m the first X”


Throwback: When DMX acknowledged his massive respect towards Tupac

It’s definitely been a sad week for hip-hop lovers around the world. Rap lost one of its greatest after DMX was announced dead on the 9th of April, spending 6 days in а coma after an extreme overdose. Tributes were paid to the legendary artist from his fans and lovers around the world, but maybe this is a fine moment to remember a moment when DMX was the one showing respect to a fallen legend – Tupac Shakur. 

Both men certainly made a name for themselves in music history. Both managed to become fan-favorites and will be remembered for their uncompromising lyrics towards any form of authority, against which they had battled throughout their respective careers. It was their humanitarian natures that made them heroes for many of those, exiled from society. 

In 2012, DMX made an appearance on the show „RapFive Live”, where he voiced his opinion on the fallen Shakur and the comparisons between the two. The great rapper was adamant that, despite having tremendous respect for the life and accomplishments of 2Pac, he didn’t want to be associated as “I’m not the next Pac, I’m the first X,”. DMX, however, never dismissed his love for Shakur and his music. He just wanted to be his own man, which he undoubtedly achieved. 

X went to admit the comparisons between the two were logical. He admitted that both men were able to create a fantastic bond with their fanbases and a big part of the reason for that was that they understood that the path to creating great music, was to yield to the problems of society. DMX continued by adding that since both men brought a similar message to their listeners, maybe quite a few Tupac supporters looked at him and saw the man, who would take the torch from Shakur. “We feel you like we feel him, I took that as a sign of respect”, X was quoted. 

DMX – In 1996 I Spoke With 2pac I Think He Got Killed Because He Didn’t Have Real Niggas Around Him

DMX certainly will never be regarded as just a Tupac clone, but one thing is certain – both legendary rappers left a firm mark on the hip-hop industry and should only ever be seen as figures of inspiration for the generations ahead. 

DMX’s Family Warns of Scammers Raising Money For His Funeral


Members of DMX’s family have warned that the rumors of them raising money for the funeral of the fallen legend are completely off the mark. The artist died on the 9th of April, after 6 days in a coma following an overdose. Information has circulated over the last few days that the family is raising money because it won’t be able to afford a glamorous funeral. 

The family has warned of scammers who are trying to feed off of the situation with false campaigns announcing fundraisers for X’s funeral day. Those fundraisers should be avoided by the rap artist’s faithful following because they are in no way related to the late rapper’s actual family, which will have no financial difficulty to fund the upper-mentioned ceremony. Members of the family also confirmed that they’re not selling any DMX merchandise so be aware of hoaxed in that sense as well. 

There was one last piece of false rumors circulating in the media space over the last few days. Many claimed that Jay-Z and Beyonce had bought DMX’s masters for a hefty 10 million dollars, to financially back X’s 15 children down the line. That rumor also has no legs to stand on, however, as the family of the fallen rapper made it clear that some masters are under Def Jam’s control, but not actually owned by Jay. 

Lots of rumors are flying around, so look out for fake news. What’s true, however, is that DMX’s fantastic fans certainly showed their love for the legend in the final days of his earthly days, as well as in the days right after his death. A massive makeshift memorial was built up in front of the hospital, where X spent his final days, whilst we’re still waiting for DMX’s hometown to show their love for him. New York’s major has announced that the family of the artist can hold a public memorial at the city’s famous raceway. Many plans are being made and we wait for concrete info in the next few days. 

Swiss Beatz Emotional Farewell Video in Honor of DMX

Swiss Beatz & DMX (Swiss's Instagram)
Swiss Beatz & DMX (Swiss's Instagram)

The world of rap continues to mourn the loss of one of its finest artists – DMX. The rapper died on the 9th of April, after being in a coma for 6 days, as a result of an extreme overdose, which left his brain without oxygen for up to half an hour. 

The response from his fans and friends has been strong and it was time for one of his closest friends to come out and say his last goodbyes. He did so in a heart-warming video, in which he looked back with fondness to the memory of the fallen great. 

Swiss Beatz and X had collaborated on the songs “Ruff Ryders Anthem”, “Party Up (Up in Here)” and both men were generally incredibly close. Beatz admits it was hard for him to swallow the news of his comrade’s death, but also believes DMX is finally in a better place after years of pain and struggle. 

Swiss was emotional in his tribute to the fallen legend, expressing his love and respect for X. The producer didn’t forget to talk about the biggest reason people loved DMX – his love for mankind. Beatz spoke about X’s lifestyle and how he would never live lavishly, despite having over 30 million dollars in the bank. He admits DMX lived with pain during each day of his life because he would absorb the suffering of others and make it his own. 

Swiss Beatz pointed out that despite all of his talent and fame, DMX never sold out and kept his integrity and beliefs intact. He even went as far as saying that X “did more charity than probably any other artist I know”. Beatz feels that was because DMX never really did it to boost his ego and popularity, but went about his charity business quietly and on a daily basis. 

Swiss certainly didn’t contain the emotions, flooding through his body, but he most definitely made his point clear – mankind lost an absolutely fabulous member, who was maybe the last of his breed. 

The First Cop Arrived At Tupac’s Shooting Ends Conspiracy Theories

The First Cop Arrived At Tupac's Shooting Ends Conspiracy Theories

Chris Carroll was one of the first police officers to arrive at East Flamingo Road and Koval Lane in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996, when Tupac was shot. The now-retired police officer has shared what he witnessed when he first arrived at the crime scene. Carroll was a sergeant in Las Vegas Metro Police back in 1996, but his words now slam all conspiracy theories and rumors that Tupac could still be alive.

The death of one of the greatest rappers ever remains unsolved 25 years later and maybe that’s the fact there are plenty of conspiracy rumors and theories saying that Tupac is still alive and hiding from the world. Some rumors suggest Tupac is alive and hiding in Cuba, while others prefer other destinations like Malaysia.

Yaki Kadafi, Las Vegas September 7, 1996

With one of his interviews regarding the shooting of Tupac Shakur, Carroll clearly declares that Pac’s last words were “F**k you”. Also, Chris Carroll remembers the night of September 7, 1996, clearly and says the injuries that Tupac got following the fatal shooting were too serious and it was physically impossible to escape (addressing the theory that Tupac had a team to help him escape in that night).

“He is absolutely positively dead. I know he means a lot to people, but the guy is gone and is never coming back. Just to clarify when I say gone – I don’t mean gone abroad – in case conspiracy theorists misconstrue that line. I mean he is dead. He had multiple gunshot wounds on his body. There were large-caliber wounds to his torso and vital organs,” Carroll said.

“This happens every time someone very famous dies, it’s very difficult for people to accept the fact that the person they admire so much is dead,” Carroll added.

Fans Create a Massive Memorial in Honor of DMX

Fans Create a Massive Memorial in Honor of DMX
Fans Create a Massive Memorial in Honor of DMX

Hundreds of DMX’s loyal supporters gathered outside of White Plains Hospital in New York to create a memorial in honor of the fallen rapper. The fans showcased their love and affection for the artist, whose legacy will surely be preserved throughout the years.

DMX passed away on Friday, after being in a coma for over a week as a result of an overdose on the 2nd of April. The news of his death hardly came as surprise since different sources had previously stated, that the doctors found out his brain had been deprived of oxygen for more than 30 minutes. It was grim reading from the start, so a fatal ending was, unfortunately, on the cards.

Beneath the sorrow came the light, however, as hundreds of his followers came to the scene of his final hours and created a makeshift memorial on the fence. Many left flowers and stuffed animals to mark the rapper’s passing away, whilst many others left messages of love and support for X’s family and close entourage. Balloons were also part of the items left by the fence, including three massive mylar balloons, on which DMX’s initials were written.

Balloons and flowers weren’t the only way to preserve the memory of the rap icon, as some of his supporters cranked up the volume and started playing some of his greatest ever songs. Many got in on the act and started to dance and sing along to their beloved tracks. We bet the rapper would’ve had tears of joy in his eyes if he ever had the chance to witness the heart-warming scene of affection.

Love and support for DMX came not only from his loyal fans, however. During the week, in which the rapper was in a coma, all of his 15 children had come along to see their father in his final moments on earth. X may not have been able to witness any of this himself, but his legacy as a rapper, father, and human will certainly remain intact and love will continue to pour for the soul of one of rap’s greats.

DMX Dead At The Age Of 50 After 6 Days In Hospital


DMX Dead At The Age Of 50 Following 6 Days In Hospital

A sad day for the hip-hop culture. DMX (real name Earl Simmons) reportedly dead at the age of 50 on Friday (April 9, 2021). DMX was taken to the White Plains Hospital on April 2 after suffering a heart attack caused by an overdose. Dark Man X spent 6 days in hospital in a vegetative condition. Today, April 9, X’s family came with a statement announcing the bad news.

We are deeply saddened to announce today that our loved one, DMX, birth name of Earl Simmons, passed away at 50-years-old at White Plains Hospital with his family by his side after being placed on life support for the past few days. Earl was a warrior who fought till the very end. He loved his family with all of his heart and we cherish the times we spent with him.

“Earl’s music inspired countless fans across the world and his iconic legacy will live on forever. We appreciate all of the love and support during this incredibly difficult time. Please respect our privacy as we grieve the loss of our brother, father, uncle and the man the world knew as DMX.

Addressing the tragic situation, White Plains Hospital came out with a statement too.

Earl Simmons passed away peacefully with family present after suffering a catastrophic cardiac arrest.

DMX is one of the greatest hip-hop artists ever with his outstanding legacy X became one of the most influential rappers from the 2000s to nowadays. During his brilliant career which started in the early 90s, the Yonkers-bred rapper released 8 albums, most of them already certified platinum. He gifted the world with classics that will echo in eternity. Same as Tupac, X became a big name in the movie industry as well, putting his name right next to heavyweights in the movie business.

Rest in Peace DMX!

Who Really is Biggy Smallz / Biggie Smalls? The Story Behind One of The Most Common Names In Rap


I’m pretty sure most of you wouldn’t have many second thoughts if ever questioned on who’s the first person that comes to their minds by the name of Biggie Smalls. The great rapper certainly made the moniker a certified part of music history, but it wasn’t always this clear cut. It turns out that quite a few members, working in the world of rap music, had also laid claims to the name. What’s even more interesting is that all of them were connected in some way.

The Notorious B.I.G really burst onto the scene in the early 1990s. At that time he was only recognizable by the name of Biggie Smalls, under which he would release his first demo in 1990. Little that he knew that name was already taken by a rapper, about whom most of us probably know incredibly little.

Biggy Smallz, real name Tim Bigelow
Biggy Smallz, real name Tim Bigelow

The West Coast already had another artist with a very similar name – Biggy Smallz, real name Tim Bigelow. His story is mostly covered with mystery, but what is known is that he was also associated in one way or another with Tupac. Smallz only ever managed to release 3 songs, two of which were produced by the producer Johnny J, who was also part of Shakur’s entourage. It’s believed that Pac acted as a mentor to young Biggy and even tried to play his part in giving the up-and-coming rapper a fair shot at fame.

Rumors have it that as The Notorious B.I.G.‘s career was starting to take off, Pac went to Johnny J with a request regarding BIG’s name. To that point, he was known by the mass public mainly as Biggie Smalls, far too similar to the upper-mentioned Biggy Smallz. Shakur asked for Biggie to change his rap moniker to The Notorious B.I.G and so he did. Others say that lawsuits were filed against Christopher Wallace (a.k.a BIG) for using the name Biggie Smalls, which might have played a part as well.

Regardless of Wallace changing names, his popularity in the world of rap had already sky-rocketed, meaning that everyone would refer to him as Biggie Smalls. Even though Biggy Smallz managed to ride off of the wave, caused by the B.I.G’s album “Ready to Die”, released in 1994, his popularity never grew exponentially, and he never managed to really gain any meaningful fame. Smallz would remain with just those 3 songs to his name – “Save Mr. Perkins”, “Cruisin”, and “Nobody Rides For Free”.

Biggy Smallz was murdered in 1994 outside of a liquor store and he left behind only a handful of tracks that’s been released and available to the public. Being close to Tupac, the legendary rapper decided to give Biggy a shout-out in his songGod Bless the Dead”, which was recorded in 1994 but released after Pac’s death.

Rest in peace to my motherfucker Biggy Smallz
That’s right bwoy, it’s goin on, right here
Thug Life
God bless the dead

Since people knew preciously little about Smallz, everyone thought the song was dedicated to Wallace. That caused confusion because Pac had been murdered a few months before Biggie’s untimely death and the topic had to later be cleared up by people close to Tupac.

The story with the name “Biggie Smalls” doesn’t quite stop there, however. One of Pac’s producers – Big D the Impossible, would also be referred to by Shakur as “Biggie Smalls” in some interviews. Deon ”Big D The Impossible” Evans passed away on October 20, 2015 in Los Angeles at the age of 45.

Seems like “Biggie Smalls” was quite a familiar name in the world of rap fin the 90’s. In the minds of the fans, however, there will only be a place for only one Biggie – The Notorious B.I.G.

Throwback: Rare Video When Tupac Accused the Media Of Trying to Bring His Career Down

People often say that with greater power comes even greater responsibility. What people often don’t say is that the more powerful and influential someone becomes, the more his enemies grow and try to knock him off his perch. That’s pretty much what the great Tupac Shakur had to go through in 1993, just when his career was probably at an all-time high.

In 1993 the rap legend was accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year old girl, Ayanna Jackson in a hotel room. The two had met just a few days earlier at a nightclub and by the end of the night, both had made out in the same hotel room. Jackson filed a lawsuit against Pac and his friends Ricardo Brown (Haitian Jack) and Charles Fuller, allegedly pledging that all 3 men had forced her into performing oral sex. This might sound quite familiar to some of the cases of assault we hear nowadays, involving famous Hollywood actors.

Rare footage of Tupac coming out of a court case on the upper-mentioned trial appeared not long ago. The report on the television channel “Fox 5”, included footage of the rapper visibly furious after receiving a series of provocative questions from journalists outside the building.
It’s fair to say the legendary artist voiced his disgust at the role that mainstream media had played in him being accused of assault against Jackson. The presenter joked that Shakur had more performances in court than on stage, but the legend himself was bullish in accusing the media of never really looking close enough into the circumstances surrounding the matter.

“Find out what really happened and report the story, if not, then you’re just like the rest of these b****es trying to bring me down. That’s why I’m cursing you at every chance I get”,

were just some of the words Tupac used, whilst barely being held off by his friend to not get in physical conflict with the journalists.

When Pac specified what exactly caused his disgruntlement, he added that from day one he was presented as a prosecutor after being accused by a woman, without anyone actually having the proof of such a deed. He also made it clear that Ayanna Jackson was lying, presumably with someone using her as a tool to cause Shakur damage.

„The way the world is today, a woman can say anything about a man and he’ll be guilty until proven otherwise. I don’t even have a chance, my career’s already going downwards. Of course, she (Jackson) lied”.

Was Pac guilty or not? We’ll probably never know the full story and subsequently, never get to the truth. If history and modern-day society are something to go by, however, then it would be a good bet to believe that Tupac might well have been set up by his foes, because his influence and power had grown beyond imaginable.

Death Row Records Presents Its Official New Shop – Check Out Some Of The Great Offers


Death Row Records officially presented their new online shop deathrowofficial.com, putting out various clothing items as well as types of vinyl and cassettes of some of the company’s greatest ever projects.

The company burst onto the scene in the early ’90s and produced some of rap’s greatest ever albums. The breakthrough came in 1992 when one of the founders and owners of the company – Dr. Dre himself, released his most iconic album to this day – “The Chronic”. Many people in the industry from that period argued that the stylistics of the album had forever changed the entire complexion of gangster rap in general. Gangster rap had all of a sudden become more smooth than aggressive.

The commercial success of “The Chronic” was unprecedented and in less than a year 3 million copies were sold. Later on, the album would pack a place in the Rolling Stones’ 500 Greatest Albums of all Time list, whilst also earning a spot in Time Magazine’s list of 100 Greatest albums of all time.

The success story of Death Row Records doesn’t end there, however, as the company managed to record and release another 2 of rap’s greatest ever albums – Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle” and Tupac’s “All Eyez on Me”, along with the all-time classic single “California Love”. It’s fair to say we’re talking about a real juggernaut in rap music recording.

Now, in 2021, Death Row is giving all rap fans a special treat. The company’s officially opened its new shop and you can take a look at all the merchandise in the link below. Part of the offers include different types of t-shirts, hoodies, and hats, but the bigger threat lies in the following musical items.

Death row has released 2XL vinyl of all of the upper-mentioned legendary albums, produced in the label’s studios. This includes vinyl of “The Chronic”, “Doggystyle”, “Tha Doggfather” and “All Eyez on Me”. For some of you who love to have a cassette of your favorite tunes, Death Row is also selling cassettes of the legendary albums, including a double cassette of “All Eyez On Me” and “The 7 Day Theory”, one of Tupac’s posthuman albums.

The cassettes can be pre-ordered, whilst the delivery of the vinyl will take up to 3-4 days only. We’re sure that quite a few of you rap-lovers will take an interest in some of the upper-mentioned items. 

Preorder 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Vinyl and Merch “Until The End Of Time”

Big offers on the cards for the anniversary of “Until the end of time”

Big offers on the cards for the anniversary of “Until the end of time”

Special surprises are on their way for all you Tupac lovers. Upon the 20th anniversary of the multiplatinum album “Until the end of Time” (the 27th of March 2001), the official Tupac shop has put out some juicy looking offers for all those who can never get enough of the fallen legend. 

“Until the end of time” was released in 2001, as a part of a series of post-death Tupac albums, full of unpublished songs and raw material, recorded by the great rapper, whilst he was still working with Death Row Record between 1995 and 1996. Since relationships between Pac and Death Row Records deteriorated before the rap artist was killed, you’ll barely find any references to the recording company in the album. The songs on “Until the end of time” were mostly retail versions and it’s fair to say this was a successful move.

The album ultimately turned out to be a massive success, debuting at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling 426,870 copies within a week of its release, and by 2014 the record had hit an astonishing 4 million sales in the USA, earning the album quadruple platinum status. 

Now, all Tupac fans will be able to look forward to a brand new release of “Until the end of time”. This package is a 4LP vinyl that comes with two Lithographs and 4 previously unseen photographs, on 180 Gram bone Vinyl discs. The offer includes pre-ordering the album, which will be released on the 23rd of July this year. Along with a brand new album, you’ll find additional merchandise such as hoodies, beanies, t-shirts, and lithographs, all dedicated to the legendary album. Click on the following link for details about all the anniversary accessories. 

2Pac Protégé, Nutt-So Releases His Own Brand ”Outlaw Distrik”


One of the members of the Outlawz, Sean Cole, also known as Nutt-So, has been on the move to create his new brand by the name of “Outlaw Distrik”.

Sean Cole, better known by his stage name Nutt-So is an American rapper from Oakland, California. He is the older brother of the R&B singer Keyshia Cole. He is also part of the rap-group called StreeThugs (pronounced Street Thugs) and the Outlawz. Nutt-So worked with Tupac on tracks including: Words To My First Born, Geto (Ghetto) Star, In This Life I Lead, Dumpin’, Don’t Sleep, 2Late (Too Late) Playa, Runnin’ On E.,

As well as at least three unheard songs: Burying One Of Our Own, Riders Of The Storm, Westside

This will surely come as a heart-warming bit of news for all the Tupac supporters, as they remember the good old days when both used to light-up the rap seen day in and day out. It’s no wonder that Cole continues to associate himself with ‘Pac, adding “2Pac protégé” on his bio on Instagram.

2Pac- Nutt-So-Rare-Photo
2Pac and Nutt-So

On his Instagram account, Nutt-So posted a pics of the new brand’s name. You can get in touch with him directly on Instagram and purchase clothes and different accessories, which include hoodies, t-shirts, tops, face-mask, and some others. You’ll find all of the different accessories in the link below.

Buy on Instagram or email: Celebritycoleclothing@gmail.com


Hoodies $40

T-shirt’s $20

Long sleeve T-shirt’s $25

Sweatsuits $125

Spandex (Celebrity Fitness) $40

Snap back hats $25

Beanies $15

Facemask ear to ear $10

Facemask pullover $15

Outlaw General Jackets $125

Jerseys $25

Kids T-shirt’s $10

Infant onezies $10

Travel Blankets $40

Beach Towels $20

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